Wednesday, January 6, 2010

No School No School

Oh my precious Diva...

Yes I had a fear that Miss. Carsyn would not be too thrilled about returning to school this week. I mean who would when they have pretty much the entire Toys R Us at their house AND their new BFF Barney on the TV 24/7!!!! Yes I knew the screaming would ensue when we drove up to that school building yesterday. It took everything I had to get myself out in the 24 degree weather...HELLO 24 degrees in South Miss!!! I think I would rather be a fan of global warming at this moment...just kidding don't go get all AL Gore on me.

Anyway Carsyn made it through the morning although apparently she made it ubundantly clear that she WAS NOT happy about it due to the "Not herself" checkmark on her report! And since I started this blog entry and have now returned to finish it we made it successfully through our first week back to school. Every morning I had to force her to get dressed but today when I drove up to carpool she excitedly said "HEY MOMMA!" so I think she forgave me.

And not to jinx myself but considering we have been couped up in this house most all day everyday due to NASTY Mother Nature, Carsyn has been surprisingly content and easy to deal with! She has actually been PLAYING... with her toys... BY HERSELF!

So Carsyn was chosen as student of the week for next week(I think one student a week is chosen until all have been spotlighted). So I decided I would answer the questionairre on here and add in a few answers as well.

What is C favorite color? I would say blue every time you ask her a color she says Blue and always chooses blue if that is an option.

What is C favorite food? Meat - this girl is a carnivore if I have ever seen one! She ALWAYS requests MEAT if you ask her what she wants to eat. Meat could be anything from a slice of turkey to chicken to pork to shrimp. I am happy to say that my 2 year old does not have a picky palate- she often requests olives, carrots, and broccoli on her own will! Salad comes in as a close 2nd..who has ever seen a 2 yr old eat salad?

What is C favorite toy? At the moment I would have to say her baby dolls. She will play with them for hours and just walk them around, rearranges them, strolls them. It makes my heart smile to see her care for her babys.

What is C favorite movie? Before Christmas C would have never sat to watch a movie but now I can't get her to turn off Barney! The same 2 dvds over and over and over all day long!!! When she wakes up in the morning- Barney, when she eats lunch- Barney, when she wakes up from nap Barney, when she eats dinner Barney! Surprisingly I have not tired of him yet although the child actors on there do make me worry? Where do they find those kids?

What is C favorite past-time? Reading she LOVES reading and rocking. Which is great any time other than bedtime when she doesn't want to stop and go to sleep.

Is C sleeping well? NO! She was on a good streak for a little while but here again lately she has started waking 2 times a night ...sigh...

What is C favorite music? She has a cd that she calls the party cd that we play over and over and blare that plays child hood songs like Happy if you know it and Skip to my Lou. Although she does often request "Ice Ice baby" too. ha ha

C always says Peas and Tanks (please and thanks)most times without being asked. And now she has started saying "excuse me mama" when she toots or belches. ;) We are working on Yes mam and Sir although her favorite word is still NO!

Does C go to the potty? Umm that would be a negative. I am not sure what happened but she hides behind the couch to go #2 and yells at me to go away and she rarely tee tees on the potty. She used to go almost all of the time. She definitely is capable because she will bring me her diaper and wipes when we change although it does not seem to bother her to sit in soiled diapers. I have tried letting her baby doll potty and giving her prizes but none of that seems to matter.

Carsyn is a little chatterbox and I never know what is going to come out of that little mouth next! She has started attempting to say her ABC along with Elmo and she tries to count although it usually goes 2-a-10? But I am proud of my budding princess I know she will definitely be a star student !

Watching her fave pal Barney

She took all of her chairs and arranged them like this in the living room and put all of her babies in each seat.

Watching Barney(I presume) in her princess tent

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Amanda Jones said...

She is getting so big! I love the dolls sitting in their chairs beside her.

Colby says One, two, two, ree, or and pive! Sometimes he says two, one, two...I don't know what the deal with two is LOL!