Thursday, January 21, 2010

My little big girl...

I can't believe how big my little girl is getting! She is so independent and repeats everything I do. I have her pictures divided into folders on the computer named Carsyn year 1, year 2, and now year 3. YEAR 3!! It makes me so sad to see the number 3! I am VERY regretful that I didn't take more pics of my little girl when she was younger- and I sure wish I had the education then on photography that I do now. I am very sad I do not have pics of her tiny ears, rolls, and feet from her first few weeks! That is why I love taking pictures for people so they can have these fleeting images forever.

I have been trying to do a better job of taking more pics of Carsyn. The problem is finding time to edit in between paying jobs.

This first set was from the other day when we were very bored so we played dress up and went to a field down the street and took pics. She is finally warming up to my camera now but it only lasted 5 minutes and then she said "All Done." Did I mention she is a silly-billy these days?

Next are some pictures from today- it was so glorious outside- 70 degrees PERFECT! Carsyn's hair looked so pretty that I wanted to get a picture of these curls so I can remember them forever!

More silly faces

Mr. cow the best lovey in the world

Aren't they beautiful!
If you enlarge this picture you can see my reflection in her eyes- super cool, huh?!
Oh did I mention that Carsyn took it upon herself to decorate her new DVD player?! Yes when I first saw it I immediately scolded her but after we got it off of the screen I kind of like her creative doodles- kind of makes it more kid friendly? What do you think?

Look at those precious little fingers...yes they created the crayon masterpiece...

My sweet baby

When Carsyn wakes at night and I am so tired and even angry I try to remind myself that in a few short years she will want nothing to do with me but right now I am her world. She LOVES her mama!

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Amanda Jones said...

Colby colors everything but paper. He came to me the other day all excited, grabbed my finger, led me to his masterpiece, and said, "mommy, I draw yay!" he was so proud of his picture on the tile floor!

The pictures are great! I wish you lived closer.