Monday, January 4, 2010

Mommy Stay-cation

I wish I had some fun photos showing what I did during my Mommy Stay-cation but alas I was enjoying myself too much to think to do it!

On Tuesday Carsyn and I headed to Hattiesburg for me to make some exchanges and After Christmas deals. I find myself overwhelmed as to where to start when I am surrounded by so many stores since I no longer have that luxury! This time I came prepared with a list!

Nonny met up with us so I could get done quicker- amazing how much slower a 2 yr old makes the process.

All week I had been anticipating my lunch at Olive Garden that my husband so sweetly gave me a gift card to in my stocking! (BTW he really did awesome with my Christmas happies this year!)

After lunch I dropped Carsyn off at my mom's for a nap and then off I ran to finish my list. I came back for a quick good-bye and Carsyn just shooed me away telling me she was "Goin swing wiff Grace"

I headed back to Mccomb for peace and quite for 2 days! When I got home Danny was just getting off work so we headed to The Caboose for an awesome dinner with adult conversation!
The next morning was AWESOME! I made myself some apple cinnamon crescents and ate them in bed watching The Today show (anything other than PBS would have made me happy!) and playing on my new laptop. Part of my mission was to switch over my computer files and begin work on my new photography website/blog. I didn't get as far as I had hoped but then I headed out in the dreary weather for the tanning bed and hair appointment. Ahh the simple things in life! I had lunch all by myself at home watching whatever I wanted to on TV. I did have to go run some yucky adult errands like paying taxes but still it was so much quicker without a 2 yr old.

That evening the husband and I just had egg sandwiches and watched a movie. I realized I didn't remember what life was like before Carsyn arrived. I started to miss my little Belle.

On Thursday morning I continued my laziness and self indulgences. I was informed by Nonny that Carsyn had done pretty well until that night and she awoke wanting me and screamed for 20 minutes. Ugh Mommy guilt!

New Years Eve we headed down to Gulfport for dinner with my cousin Allison/Cory and my BFF from college Ashley and her husband Dustin. We ate at Vrazel's and it was a great night. We headed to the Coast house (so glad it hasn't sold yet- sorry In-laws ;) and played a rousing game of Boys vs Girls Trivial Pursuit. In our old age we barely made it to the end and I was fizzled out by midnight. So the boys won by one but I was half-asleep so I don't count it!

The next morning we headed to Hattiesburg to pick up Carsyn and go to Clinton for Smith Family Christmas. Danny and I were so excited to get her we raced to see who could get to her first. She was happily watching her barney dvd (her new absolute favorite) on her new dvd player (my absolute favorite)in the car and Danny asked me to drive so he could sit in the back with her to cuddle. We were not too excited about the long drive but we made it quickly and then had a relaxing day at the Lake House. Carsyn once again got more STUFF! My word this child does not want for ANYTHING!

So I am EVER so grateful to my mom for my mommy staycation! It was wonderful but I realized it is easier to leave your child when you are going somewhere rather than be at the house without her! Carsyn had a great time playing with Nonny and Gracie. Now its back to reality! I predict a not very happy toddler tomorrow when she returns to pre-school! I guess we will have to go through that transition again!


Anonymous said...

Good for you! I'm glad you got to have "mommy time!" I can't bring myself to do it for more than a few hours at a time.

Amanda Jones said...

Sounds like you got some much needed mommy time! I hope preschool doesn't go too bad. What did you decide on the bed transition?