Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Part 2

We were unable to make it to the Canton Christmas festival due once again to RAIN and illness on Nonny's part so this will have to go into next year's "to do list" along with the Teddy Bear tea party at the Roosevelt hotel in New Orleans I just recently learned about! Yes I am already thinking about next year's plans-that's who I am!

If Carsyn's enthusiasm continues to grow from where she was this year I don't know if she will survive Christmas when she is 5!

Dec 22 Christmas gathering #1- Immediate Smith family

We had a lovely low key pizza and gifts at the immediate Smith's because they were going to Disney World the following day. Carsyn scored a Cinderella Carriage tent that she of course loved. And Danny and I (among other items) received a very much needed Vacuum cleaner! I might actually use it! I know the Webbs next door will be thankful I will no longer borrow theirs!

Dec 23 Since we were unable to make Canton Danny and I took Carsyn to see the lights at the

Tylertown Christmas in the park! It was so magical and beautiful (even with the rain ...YET AGAIN!). I couldn't believe Danny had never been seeing as how this was their 12th year in operation. He was blown away that this was in our very own backyard so to speak! If you live nearby it is a must see! Carsyn did scream the entire 20 minutes back home I presume due to it being past her bedtime, but regardless it was magical while it lasted!

Dec 24 Christmas Eve

We headed over to my Aunt Jane's house in Bassfield for the annual Christmas Eve gathering. We have not been in a few years and this is almost more fun than Christmas Day because I have such a large family. The attention this year was focused on Carsyn, Gracie, and Aiden of course. Carsyn (2) just went from one present to another opening it not even looking at her prizes until later, Gracie (6) while once like Carsyn now took her time opening each gift examining them, and Aiden (5 months) well he just drooled and spit up. Carsyn received too much stuff and Santa hadn't even come yet! The older family members decided to play dirty santa this year and I came away with a cookbook (while my scarf was strategically stolen from me ;)) and Danny got some always needed screwdrivers.

Dec 25th Christmas Morning!

Once again as she did last year- Carsyn woke up numerous times so we actually didn't get to see Santa presents until later than normal. I even got up first and had breakfast ready by the time she awoke! When she finally did see her gifts she just walked around in awe as I recall doing every time I awoke on Christmas morning. I started going into panic mode wondering where I was going to put everything! Why did Santa and the grandparents bring so much!!!

We hopped in the car again to head back to Bassfield for Christmas dinner. It was VERY low key and relaxing. No more football playing in the yard for us older we preferred a nap instead! I declared that Christmas 2011 will hopefully God willing be at my house in a new home- the 1 hr drive one way twice was a tad tedious!

Dec 26th PLAY and ORGANIZE

I did find places for most of all of her new toys however I can't seem to keep Carsyn from dumping all of the 500000 pieces on the floor. Why do toys have to have 500000 pieces?! I will return the favor to those who gave her these items! ;)

So all in all a memorable and albeit wet Christmas. We all got way more than we should have and I know myself and Danny feel very fortunate if not a little gluttonous for all that we have.

I hope to give a toy review on some of the gifts she received for anyone looking to purchase for a toddler. Although I don't think she has had time to play with everything yet!

Aww one of my new faves! Carsyn and Gracie
Gracie will always be my first model....

Santa came!!!

The Santa Loot- pre-Carsyn destruction- notice the JUMPOLENE in my dining room from birthday!

Love this one too! She loved playing the piano!

Gracie keeping her in line!

Allie, baby Aiden, and Erin

Cousin Jeremy always the comedian- he wore his tacky christmas outfit


Lawren said...

Haha! I can just see you as a 5-year-old worrying about how you would ever organize all your new loot. Love Carsyn's Christmas pj's! My mom got some almost like that for Lucy for next year.

Candise said...

So lovin' the hair in the pic of Belle at her little table in her pjs!!!!! TOO Stinkin' cute!!!