Monday, December 14, 2009

Let's play catch up shall we?

Where I have I been you ask? Well I took a little hiatus from the blogging world for a few weeks. Between getting photography orders completed in time for Christmas and preparing for a Princess' 2nd Birthday party, and let's not forget the ear infections and now a new series of runny noses I just haven't felt up to it. On the one hand I have gotten to give my family more attention but I also have missed documenting some great milestones.

Let's see last I wrote was the week before Thanksgiving. As always we headed to Clinton to visit with Danny's grandparents and the Smith family members. It was very low-key but relaxing as always. Since they have no technology, computers/tv/etc, conversation and napping are your only source of entertainment which is nice for a change. It was an unusually cold day for November in South Mississippi, but we did step outside for a brief few moments to take some pics of Carsyn and Morgan for Christmas cards. All in all lots to be Thankful for this year!

Oh and I made a 2nd attempt at preparing my Grandmother's dressing and low and behold I got it right! It still didn't taste like her's though I guess it never will since it is missing one main ingredient "Her Love." My mom came over the day before to visit and she and I and Carsyn got to work in the kitchen preparing our part of the meals. Carsyn LOVES to bake and my mom continuously recited sayings my grandmother used to say while we cooked. It was a lovely memory. In her own Bet way "Do you think this is enough onions chopped? Well it's just going to have to be because I'm not chopping anymore." :)

The following week South Mississippi received its 1st snowfall for the 3rd year in a row! Last year it was on Carsyn's birthday and we lost power all day so I was happy that it came a week early and we kept power this time! It missed our anniversary by a day I think. Snow pictures are here!

That's right December is full of events for this family. Danny and I celebrated 4 years this month. I am not the type to gush about my significant other or try to describe our relationship as something as a fairy tale, but while we share our ups and downs and still continue to learn about one another this year was definitely the best anniversary yet. Sometimes I can't believe he puts up with me. It was celebrated very low key with a quick dinner but we hope to get away in the coming weeks for a night. He also surprised me with a day at the spa including lunch...not just a massage...a DAY! I almost am too guilty to go use it...almost.

Next came Carsyn's birthday party. I will post a separate post with pictures but I definitely think this little princess had a ball! She learned quickly that birthday and Christmas entailed gifts so every time she heard you mention them she would begin shrieking! I am trying to figure out how you teach a 2 yr old with a birthday in December how to appreciate her gifts? She actually had 2 parties- a pajama party for her playgroup buddies on Friday morning and a separate family party on Sat evening. More on next blog.

So here we are in the aftermath of birthday land and still trying to remember the reason for the Christmas season. It is so difficult to put earthly celebrations aside to remind me and my 2 yr old why we celebrate Christmas in the first place. As I read her bible storybook to her the other night she started reciting the stories to me by memory. "Jeejus" she said as I turned to the story about the birth of Jesus. Wow! I couldn't believe it! Maybe I'm not doing that bad of a job.

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