Friday, December 18, 2009

2009 Christmas part 1

What a NASTY DREARY December we have had thus far! I am so glad that we have Christmas lights to bring some brightness to our days!

We were a tad late with getting our tree up this year but we finally managed to make it to the Christmas tree farm and choose one. This was our first experience with cutting our own tree but I hope we can continue to keep it a family tradition. It is HUGE! It definitely took some effort decorating but it is pretty.

We didn't make it to the Mccomb Christmas parade because it was the day it snowed and they moved it to the afternoon which is nap time, however we unexpectedly got to see the Summit parade. Carsyn and I were sitting eating dinner one night waiting for Danny to get home and I saw Police lights down the street. My first thought was "OH LAWD- is there a drug bust? What's going on" then 10 minutes later more police lights. I decide to step out on my porch to listen and low and behold I could hear a marching band. I grabbed Carsyn and walked down to the end of our street (about 200 yards) and it was the Summit Christmas parade. I swear to you it had to be the most magical thing a 2 yr old could witness because she talked about it for a week. I am surprised she went to bed that night. She kept "SANTA" "HO HO HO" "NEIGH" "TANDY" !!! She definitely knew who Santa was after this and has continued to squeal with delight when she sees a replica.

While Carsyn loves to tell you "Loot SANTA" when it came time to meet the jolly old man she wasn't as "cited" as she thought she was. Here is last year's pic and here is this year's---yes I had to join in the picture!

We also went to the Church Christmas party which was a blast. Once again the older girls swept her away to play with her. I love it! I wish they could be at my house all of the time! Ha Ha!

One evening Carsyn and I went over to the Johnston Chapel Methodist live nativity. You start at the beginning of the road and they give you a cd with the Christmas story that you listen to as you drive down and look at the nativity scenes. It was really neat and Carsyn enjoyed seeing the farm animals- one goat in particular was very vocal! Ha Ha! I hope they will have this again next year when she will understand more.

This week Carsyn had her school's Christmas party. I went for a little while. At age 2 (most other babies younger) it doesn't entail much other than eating. She has been painting me some Christmas art that has been on the fridge.

We haven't made it to any Christmas programs which I am sad about. Either weather, illness, or sleepiness has detained us. However Nonny did give her a Christmas song book which we have read every day and her favorite Christmas song is Jingle Bells.

Next on our Christmas festivities is Christmas lights in Tylertown and Christmas on the square in Canton.

Christmas morning should be very interesting when Carsyn sees what Santa brought her!

Singing Rain Rain Dow Away...

Checking out the nutcracker during one of my many photo shoots with her.


Lyndsay said...

Your santa picture from this year isn't showing up for me! =(

Lawren said...

Love the nutcracker photo! So sweet!