Monday, December 14, 2009

Your Pre-schooler week 1

Ever since I became pregnant with Carsyn I have received emails from informing me of what I can expect in Carsyn's development. First it said Your baby this week, then Your toddler this week, and my mouth hit the floor this week when I read Your Pre-schooler this week! My baby is now considered a Pre-schooler?! I don't think so! But alas as I looked back over her photo albums on my computer while preparing for her 2nd birthday party I got misty-eyed realizing that my baby was not a baby anymore.

In fact here are several instances where she is already trying to gain her independence. At the church fellowship one of the older girls asked to play with her (they all think she is their personal babydoll) and when I went to check on her Carsyn saw me and said "Hey I payin' Bye" to inform me that it was girls only no mom's allowed! SERIOUSLY! 2? Then she did a similar instance to her dad by giving him a kiss she knew he would give her what she wanted and then leave. Where do these manipulating skills come from?

In addition to the continual "NO" and "MINE" she does more often understand affection and will come to me and ask "TISS (kiss) PEES" and "HOLD ME." I think as she approached her 2 yr birthday mark she too wanted to remind me she was still my baby.

For her birthday party I decided to do 2 small parties. Never again will that happen! But they were a success. On Friday Carsyn's actually birthday I had a small pajama party for our usually play group buddies. Everyone wore their fave pjs and I had breakfast foods- brunch casserole, pancakes on a stick, and a donut cake! As Carsyn's gift from me and her father I got a Jumpolene- I KNEW she would love it as she LOVES to jump and I figured it would entertain 7 toddlers. Boy was I right! It was perfect for a dreary winter morning! While it is quite cumbersome and large I think it might be my saving grace this winter especially if the weather continues to be so wet!

Carsyn quickly understood the concept that this party was all about her. And when she opened her first gift (4 pair of princess high-heels) her face was PRICELESS! The next evening we had all family members over for dinner and cake. I have never seen a child tear through presents like she did! She wasn't even looking at what she got she just wanted to OPEN OPEN OPEN! I am afraid she is going to be in present overload with Christmas in 2 weeks. Poor kid- maybe I will celebrate her birthday in July one year?

Also she LOVED having Happy Birthday sung to her. She made me sing it OVER AND OVER AND OVER for 3 days! She would try to sing along with me "Hey Burday...." She actually tries to sing along to several songs now! The cutest thing ever! She also says "I cited I cited" (I excited) which I LOVE!

It seems that presents aren't the only thing she received for her 2nd birthday a nasty cold has taken over as well as her 2 yr old molars coming in. So needless to say after the excitement ended we have been in a bit of no sleep funk! Yes I felt she was trying to re-create labor when she awoke every 2 hrs the night of her birthday. And it has continued for a week now with hardly any napping as well.

Birthday pics are here - Blogger takes wayyy too long to upload.

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