Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Oh where to begin...

Time is flying. I can't stop it! I can't find time to blog but Carsyn has been keeping us in stitches. Let's see if I can recall some moments of our past week.

Last I wrote I was departing for Texas for my photography seminar! It was AWESOME! At first I felt guilty actually getting to eat a meal in a restaurant but I got over it! Carsyn got undivided attention from both grandparents and her daddy. It was good for her to be with other care takers. While I was in Dallas it made me realize I have to start doing more things for myself. I have a small list on my photo blog of goals to achieve next year.

As I was leaving I could hear Carsyn starting to get a cough. We have been fortunate to only be sick once in her 2 years and that was a quick ear infection. I prayed she would stay well while I was gone and sure enough when I returned was when it climaxed. On Thursday night she could not sleep because she could not breathe or stop coughing. I tried everything but I literally slept in the recliner holding her up right all night. On Friday we went to stat care and she had double ear infections. Friday night was also a rough night of sleep but on Saturday she was starting to get back to her old self and by Sunday she was good to go! I have one tough cookie!

On Sunday at church as the lord's supper was being passed Carsyn said "What's that?" I said "Bread" she said "Manna?" I looked at Danny and said did you hear that? I couldn't believe it. You see every night we read her book of bible stories and the story about Moses talkes about God supplying them with bread when they had nothing to eat and the bread is called Manna. Danny shook his head "Yep" as both of our jaws were open. To make sure when we were reading at bedtime I asked her what the bread was called and sure enough she said "Manna." She not only is a tough cookie but a smart one too!

Her language has now grown into sentences-all be it short ones but I have heard her say new words I had no idea she knew. She also mimics me constantly. Guess I better start watching myself more!

Carsyn is very loving to her friends and I love to see her call her friends by names and hug them goodbye. I know she will have a blast at her birthday party in a few weeks with her nearest and dearest.

Just this week she has discovered what Christmas trees are and Santa Claus. We haven't put up our decorations but I can already tell she will be briming with excitement! Getting to share in a child's excitement makes life so worthwhile!

It is amazing to see that the little baby I had just yesterday is now becoming a little person able to understand empathy, love, and excitement!

Even under the weather Carsyn was able to enjoy some baking this week....she says "BOWL BOWL Mama Shake (Stir)." It should be interesting preparing Thanksgiving meals with my little helper!

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