Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Almost 2

Today Carsyn is 23 months! One more month until the BIG 2! I thought I had her birthday party planned out like 2 months ago but then I abruptly changed my mind! Having a birthday in December is difficult when you don't know what the weather will entail! Anyway Carsyn will actual have 2 small parties- one for her buddies and one for just family. More details later!

This past month has definitely been interesting- they don't call it terrible TWOs for nothing! But luckily at this age she comes up with some hilarious tidbits that keep us laughing our way through the tantrums! I do wonder though why she can scream No No No yet when she actually says yes she only nods her head? And everything is "I don't like insert anything here from bread to book."

Carsyn LOVES to be chased and she will call your name and stick her finger up in front of her face like in a (kitchee kitchee koo) motion to tell you to come get her. While this is beyond cute and I don't mind playing chase- having to play chase at bedtime every night does get old!

Speaking of bedtime- for the most part Carsyn's sleep has regulated (for her anyway). This time change definitely threw us all for a loop but I think we are back on track. She still will wake once a night some nights and I change her diaper because it is already soaked by 1AM?! I swear I don't know if any other child teestees as much as her! But in all honesty I would rather her wake once for a few minutes and then sleep until 6:30 later than sleep straight and wake up at 5:45 which is usually the case.

When things are locked such as a gate or stuck she started yelling "TIGHT TIGHT" I thought it was hilarious the first time I heard that this month. I don't know how she associated that word with stuck but I guess it fits!

Her language is increasing and becoming more clearer every day. She sat down with me and a puzzle this week and named all of the animals and their sounds and put them in the right spot. Pretty good, huh?!

Well I am presently packing for my photo conference in Dallas this weekend so say a prayer that I can enjoy it and not worry constantly about my baby. And pray that Carsyn and Daddy survive- I'm sure they will do fine. :)

A picture for the fall..