Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What we do during our day

For those of you who care....

Our day usually begins around 6-7
Carsyn has a bottle and we play and yes even watch some educational cartoons on TLC. I love Wilbur, "Books are MOO-Vilous!" So does Carsyn. Then around 8:30ish we move to her room to play and wind down for nap time. She naps from 9-10ish on a good morning.

Then I am usually dressed by 10- I use this nap to take my shower and get dressed. If we have errands we usually go now. We are back by 12 to eat lunch and get ready for nap #2. I LOVE nap #2 because it is usually 2 hrs! From 1-3! I do stuff around the house although often I get stuck on the computer because I am addicted! Since Carsyn wont let me shop in stores these days- Online shopping has become my friend! I also stay on Myspace and now Facebook(thanks Melis)all the time during this nap! Before I know it is 3ish. While the morning flies by the afternoon is FOREVER long!

After an afternoon snack bottle I try to get us outdoors from 4-5. Today we went to Edgewood Park and swang in the baby swings! It was fun. Carsyn wasn't sure at first but then she liked it. I even let her crawl around in the grass picking up leaves and twigs and God knows what else. I figured that is what a bath is for! I forgot my camera but next time.

At 5 we go by the grocery store if needed- luckily the Piggly Wiggly is pretty much across the street ;)(Jane/Joe)and then off to home to make dinner. This is when it gets pretty hairy. Without a 3rd nap Carsyn gets tired by 6:00. While I prepare dinner I hand her whatever I can to entertain her on the floor; pots, spoons, tupperware, you name it! Sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt. By 6:30 we are usually headed to bath. The Glory days of easy bathtime when she liked to just lay there while I cleaned her are over! She must stand which scares the bejesus out of me! And she is usually screaming by the end of it! Not sure how to solve this predicament!
At 6:45 we are getting the last bottle and headed to snooztown by 7! PHEW!
Dad walks in the door and off to dinner and I am off the clock! Well for a bit anyway!

Food update- It seems that Carsyn wants to eat whatever I have on my plate these days. She has now turned up her nose at carrots, peas, applesauce, and applejuice which she used to like. She only eats bananas, sweet potatoes, squash, and her fave greenbeans! I have started giving her puff cereal which she LOVES! If I am eating something soft and slightly bland I will let her try some. I think she thinks she is over babyfood and ready to eat adult food. She will not, however, eat the canned baby food of chicken mystery dinner or spaghetti etc? Also she will not put the cereal or fingerfoods in her mouth- she wants me to do it?

Well Im off to bed....

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