Saturday, August 9, 2008

If ain't one thing its another!

Well I must have timed this move right because I am afraid if Courtney were still keeping Carsyn I would have to increase her pay! Miss Carsyn is ALL OVER THE PLACE and INTO everything! I am already having to watch her like a HAWK! She bonks her head atleast once a day on these wood floors because she stands up by herself all day long. Still not much crawling other than one movement but standing YES!

Also she has gotten into a terrible habit of waking up again 2X a night. I would let her cry to end it but let me tell you about some stories that have happened recently and maybe some mothers out there can shed some light on my predicament. Well in the beginning of the week she awoke in the middle of the night and I was letting her cry for a bit to see if she would go back to sleep but then the cry got louder and harder so I jumped up to go see about her. She had her entire leg caught between the bars on her crib! Then after awaking from a nap yesterday she was crying and she had her arm up to her shoulder in between the bars! And yesterday morning she had pulled herself up to standing on the edge of the crib when she awoke! Plus I recently received an email from Babies R US that her crib has been recalled due to the bars breaking and causing a strangle danger from babies getting caught between them. So I dont know what to do. If I send the crib back I can get a full refund but that takes weeks and what am I supposed to do about a crib in the mean time! When she wakes at night and cries I dont want to let her cry because I am scared she is trapped in the bars! So Im afraid this cycle is never going to end! AND IM EXHAUSTED!

Also Carsyn's car seat has been tight for some time now. I bought the kind that fits pleasantly plump babies because I had a feeling I would have a chunky baby but it still is tight on her. AND NOW she has figured out how to try to turn around in it to face me and cries when she realizes Im up there and she cant get to me. So I really dont think she will make it until 1 year before we by a forward facing seat. She is well over the weight requirement but I was informed that they tell you to wait until 1 year to ensure their skeletal system has formed well enough to take an impact from a crash! SO WHAT DO I DO HERE ALSO!

And when do I go up to the 3rd level of babyfood? Her top two teeth are coming in right now (which has also attributed to the grouchy night baby) but I dont know when she can eat fingerfoods? And the babyfood in jars like spaghetti etc?

When she was a newborn I thought oh in a few months it will get better and then something else always pops up! I think we are in for a wild ride with Miss Carsyn because she is VERY smart and likes to GO GO GO! People try to tell you about babies when you are expecting but you never fully grasp their comments until you have your own. I guess Live and Learn!

Please provide any insight you experienced mothers might have to help me!

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