Sunday, August 24, 2008

Just a Brief

Not much has happened at our home since we returned from the beach trip. Once Carsyn returned home and to her crib her naps have gotten back on schedule and length. I moved back her awake time in the morning from 2 hrs to 2.5 hrs and this has made her morning nap so much longer and better! And her afternoon nap has been moved back to 3 hrs from her wake up which also has improved things. She does not take a 3rd nap before bed which is somewhat of a troublespot because by 7ish she is ZONKED and passes out before I can put her in her crib awake. She has awoken once a night but I think it is for reassurance that I am there not out of hunger. She has gotten to where she sits up in bed in the corner and WAILS at the top of her lungs. I dont know what to do other than wait it out. I have tried every sleep training known and nothing seems to work so I guess I will try to wait some more. She knows how to put herself back to sleep as she has done it numerous times. While around strangers she has not really shown any anxiety she has been extra clingy to me. I do desperately want to get her involved in a playgroup or mothers day out situation to encourage her social skills. At church Wednesday night some toddlers were playing with her and well they got a little too close for comfort with the kissing and she lost it!
Speaking of church this is a predicament I am facing....Wed night is at 6 (bed time preparation) and Sunday is at 10(end of or middle of naptime). Wednesday night we went but she lost it and fussed and screamed from 6:30-7:30. And This morning she wouldnt awaken from her nap in time to make it. Any suggestions?

Crawling is now down pat. While it still looks a little strange ( I call it the wounded soldier crawl as one leg is dragging the ground) she can get to where she wants in a hurry! ESPECIALLY the dog and cat food bowls! Also she loves to stand AT ALL TIMES! Particularly during eating! She refuses to sit in highchair, stroller, and car seat the majority of the time! Hopefully the newness of standing will wear off eventually.

I have not posted new picture of our house yet as I still have no furniture and still have numerous boxes to unpack. Hopefully in the next few weeks!

While on our beach trip, in addition to taking pictures of Carsyn and my cousin Gracie I did a photo shoot of a family I have taken portraits of in the past. It got my photography juices rolling and I would like to get some sessions set up for the fall. I LOVE photographying in the fall. I plan to return to Mobile a few tims per request. Hopefully by then I can have my business established here in Mccomb. Let me know if you want your little one photographed!

Here are the darling girls and family that I photographed...

Well until next time...:)

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Melis said...

That's funny! Just so you know...I grew up with one knee on the chair and stood at the dinner table for every meal. My parents couldn't make me sit completely in the chair. Don't know why I did that. I guess I felt short! Ha!

P.S. Join Facebook!!!! I have tons of pics of us and I miss communicating with you!