Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Okay! Phew that was a long weekend! Move is now a bad 4 letter word in my vocabulary! ESPECIALLY with a very active almost 8month old! Carsyn has adjusted fairly well to the new house. We have had some rough naps and nights but hopefully that is getting a smidge better.

When we arrived on Saturday the house was clean and ready for us to move in. I had not seen the new renovations and I was pleasantly surprised. This house was built in the 1920s-30s and moved to this location in the 80s. Of course there are little annoyances that come with any old house, but it is in fabulous shape and the character is beautiful. The house sits off of the ground a good 6 feet or so and there are trees all around so I told Danny I felt as if I was living in a treehouse (pics to come later). And of course in good southern small town spirit the neighbors down the street brought us homemade cookies to enjoy! I have not met the neigbors to my immediate right but I have been told they are a young married couple expecting their first child any day now, perhaps a playmate for Carsyn!

Danny and I both discussed how we felt like we were on an extended vacation but not really moved. I believe my feelings come from the fact that I am not at work everyday and this does not feel like my home yet. When we get our furniture and are able to finish unpacking than it should feel more like home rather than a trip.

Staying at home with Carsyn has been great. I do sure wish she would nap better. Carsyn does not like to do the schedule thing as much as I try and try and try! And she has gotten into a terrible habit of waking often and wanting to be held. Speaking of wanting- in my last blog I discussed her saying MAMA well she definitely says it and she knows that MAMA is me. She usually says it while in distress and wanting me to pick her up. Try moving and unpacking from room to room with an 8month old crying mama mama mama everytime you leave her sight! God bless her!

Which leads me to the adventures of Mama and Carsyn day 1-
Monday I had to go to the driving license place to switch license. It is right down the street luckily. When I entered they were only on #4 and I was #9, while waiting I thought what if I am missing a document, so I go ask and yep I need my SS card, so since they are only on #5 and I live down the street I figure I can beat them before they get to me. So I grab Carsyn throw her in the car run down the street run in the house get my SS card run back and they are on #7. So we wait some more and then UH OH mommy poopy radar! I go the restroom someone is in it. #9 they say! So I tell Carsyn she will have to wait- they get me started and then I have to wait so I go to the restroom to change her again nope occupied still! Then they have me finished, so I scoop Carsyn back into the car and head back to the house to change her. While Im there I figure we should eat lunch. (Another thing that Carsyn has been refusing to do is eat! So before our next nap time I think lets run downtown to sign our cable papers. I head downtown with a grumpy baby and finally locate the cable office and what do I smell again but ANOTHER poopy diaper! You have got to be kidding me! There is no public restroom so I change her in the backseat of the car. Now she is ready for naptime so I skeedadle home to get her to bed. I am pretty pooped (pun intended!) myself so I lay down in the guest bedroom beside her. Just as I doze off I hear my backdoor bell ring and Danny's aunt is at the door. She departs when she realizes Carsyn is asleep, but of course there is no getting back to sleep for me. So after Carsyn awakes I call my sister-in-law Aunt Mo and we run to Wal-mart to stock our pantry which took like 1.5hrs and I didnt even get that much! So it was bedtime for Carsyn before I knew it and our first day had ended.

Tuesday I was so worn out from Monday that I decided to do some unpacking rather than errand running! We did go with Aunt Mo to the Country Club to swim for an hour which was nice and relaxing. The Country Club is very nice for such a small town. I cant wait to go there more often! Once again I felt as if I was on vacation.
I hate Aunt Mo is going to College next year- what are we going to do without her!

Today has been quite uneventful- everytime I plan errands usually on 1 of them gets accomplished. We went to the furniture store to try to pick out our furniture since we are sitting on the floor at the moment. We MUST go to Lowes tomorrow to get our blinds because this house has TONS of HUGE windows and while I enjoy the natural light it is a tad lacking in privacy. Also perhaps the naps for Carsyn will be easier with more shade!

I will post pictures after I get the little tot into bed tonight!


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The Clark Family said...

I sooo understand the problems with errand running! When it was just Tristan, I never had any problems--he was so flexible!! But now, trying to time naps, feeding, and potty/diapers with three--ohmigoodness!

I'm glad you got moved ok!