Thursday, July 31, 2008

Last day of work and new babinese

Today is my last day at work! Everyone asks if I am excited, sad, relieved, yadda yadda yadda. I dont really know what I am. I think all of the above would be right! I have a TON of nervous energy! We still have lots to do with 2 days left! Work gave me a going away lunch and a darling purse and wallet!

Sure wish I could see my house! EVERYONE has seen the new renovations from family to friends to parents to Danny EXCEPT me! It will be like Christmas morning going to see what Santa brought! :)

Carsyn is becoming such the busy bee! She talks non-stop all of the time of what I refer to as Babynese! She sounds like the ladies who do my pedicures! HEE HEE! She said MaMA this morning but Im pretty sure it was just by happenstance that she got the M and the A together with no real intentions! But it is not too far behind where she will be saying mama mama mama!

Her crawling abilites are advancing too but still not quite there. It shouldnt be too much longer!

Well I probably will be too busy to write for a few days but our internet will be hooked up Tuesday so I will be back online SOON!


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