Thursday, July 3, 2008

Catch up time.....

Oh my goodness this summer is flying by! So much is happening in our lives right now. Sorry for the delayed post.

We now own our home in Summit, MS, and can begin the renovations. First comes painting- inside and out- then refinish floors -lots to do! In ONE MONTH! It probably wont get done in time for us to leave because our house in Mobile is pending sale but there may be some complications so we are not sure yet if it is sold. If so we have to be out by Aug 3rd!!!! I have one month to start and finish packing, train a new sales rep, do my own work, and take care of a 7 month old who is IN TO EVERYTHING! Can you say panic attack?! But, no I'm not stressed!

Danny and I did get to have 2 nights last week with some brief hours of alone time. Well not alone completely but not at the house with a baby! We went on a wine cruise with my work one night and to my cousin's wedding one night. Pictures as proof are below- mama needs a tan! Haven't had time for sun or tanning bed but these pics encourage me to get some!

Which we will tomorrow- we go to a July 4th party at my old roommate Mary Caron's parents. Carsyn will get to play with other babies!

Carsyn is so funny these days! She wants to move so badly!!! It frustrates her so much that she can't figure out how to get mobile. She loves to stand all of the time but since she can't do it by herself she expects you to hold her hands which gets a little tiresome! Also the 2 front teeth have finally completely come in- I think she has been teething since she entered the world! Teething is not fun!

Sleep is still a battle. I hope once we get moved and settled and I will be with her everyday I can try to get a solid routine established. So far we kind of have one but Carsyn likes to make her own rules. I am excited about staying home and apprehensive. I definitely have learned that you must have time away and to yourself to keep sane. Today was the first day in weeks and weeks that I actually was away from her for a complete day from 8-5 and it was amazing the difference in patience and excitement I had when I came home! Carsyn will definitely have to have play dates and Mom's Day Out time! Also Danny and I agreed that once a month we will have date night and we will take turns choosing our activity. I think our first one will be next weekend! YEAH! That is another lesson- Mommy and Daddy must have time together without baby!

Well here are some pics from the last week. New blog at the end of our July 4th weekend! :)

Wind blown look at wine cruise

Me and Danny at the wedding

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