Thursday, July 24, 2008

This is the day that the Lord has made

Sorry for the lack of posts. Our family has been experiencing some trying times.

From my previous posts you have read that my grandmother has been fighting parkinson's disease but this past weekend she finally had peace. On Friday evening my mother called to tell me that everyone was gathering at the nursing home as Mamommy did not seem to have much longer to live. She hung on through the night and into Saturday. All day as my phone rang my heart would jump waiting on THE CALL.

Saturday evening around 6:30 as I was bathing Carsyn I started singing as I always do and the hymn "This is the day that the lord has made" popped in my head. As I was singing to her I stopped because I realized that I was singing one of the songs that my mamommy always used to sing in the mornings as she was known to sing hymnals often. I finished bathing Carsyn and took her into her room to get ready for bed as I was giving her a bottle and rocking her to sleep the song popped back in my head and I started singing it again... stopping again when I realized what I was singing. I laid Carsyn down in her crib at 7ish and at 7:20 my mom called me to let me know that Mamommy had passed away just a short 10 minutes earlier. Im sure this song was in my subconscious but I cant help but feel like she was with us since we couldn't be with her.

We have spent the last several days in Mississippi with the extended family and while it was a sad occassion for everyone to gather it was also a pleasurable one as everyone reminscied about the "good ole days" and our grandmother. Mamommy will be greatly missed. I am glad that she had the opportunity to spend a few months with Carsyn even though Carsyn will have no memory of it. I will be sure to inform Carsyn of what a caring, kind, and Christian woman my grandmother was. And while Carsyn will not be able to have her as a role model, maybe I will be able to take some of the lessons Mamommy taught me and pass them on to her.

While my grandmother was a very dignified and well-mannered woman, the epitome of a southern lady, she had a humorous side as well. The grandchildren would take great fun and getting a rise out of her as she "gasped" at our jokes as if they had taken her aback! However, she had her own ways of surprising you just when you thought this sweet old lady wouldnt dare say or do something "crude."

Some Mamommyisms
"Scratch it if it itches even in your britches!"
"There are 3 reasons you're wearin that shirt, one is to keep warm, I can see the other two!"
"That skirt needs an extra ruffle added to it!"
"Anybody who is an Ole Miss fan is not worth the trouble"

Bettye J. Williamson 1927-2008

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