Sunday, July 6, 2008


What a fabulous weekend! It has been a long time since I have gotten to say that! Friday went pretty much perfectly! For July 4th we went to my friend Mary Caron's parents' home for a swimming party. Carsyn's naps were right on schedule and she even napped at their house which is not usual! Good food & Good company! Maybe I should get Carsyn out in the sun more often! Mary Caron's 2 1/2 yr old nephew was infatuated with Carsyn and wanted her with him at all times. He kept trying to kiss her and she played hard- Good girl! See the pic below! HA HA! First time in a bathing suit and she already has the boys at her beck and call,and an older one at that! I guess we better tell Daddy to get ready!

Saturday Carsyn and I ran errands and hung out at the house. Seeing as how Im supposed to be moving in 4 weeks I probably should have done some packing...but I didn't! I have to find some boxes! Im putting off the inevitable!

Sunday was pretty much a repeat of Saturday except we bought Carsyn a kiddie-pool but we got rained out before we got to use it!

All in all it was a fabulously relaxing weekend with no travel involved! Carsyn was a pleasure to be around and I found myself waking up before her anticipating her to wake so we could start all over! I suppose because I was less stressed it allowed her to be more calm! I do believe Carsyn enjoyed having my undivided attention as well! Maybe staying at home isnt going to be so bad after all!

BTW if you want to test your American Citizenship knowledge take a look at this...

"Bathing Beauty"

"Carsyn and Daddy"

"Ridin the wave"

"Michevious little tot isn't she?"

"Oh mommy, you better get ready to keep up with me!"

"This boy is silly!"

"What does he think he is doing?"

Asa sporting his visor!

PS: You may notice the bathing beauty had a change in swimsuit attire in the photographs due to a poopy diaper mishap (not in the pool!) Luckily maternal instincts told me to pack a second suit! :)

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