Monday, July 14, 2008

Liven, Lovin', and Learnin'

Well the packing started this weekend! Good thing since I have only 18 days left until we have to be out of this house!!! AHHHH!!! And today was EXHAUSTING training a new rep. Our house renovation has begun! The painting, tile, and refinished hardwoods should almost be complete by the time we move in. Lots to do lots to do! Trying to get your utilities hooked up while living out of state is quite difficult! Especially when I can't take off a day to come take care of business! These next 14 days are going to fly by quicker than one of Carsyn's cat naps!

Danny and I had date night this weekend. It was up to him to choose the festivities. He had good intentions but the rain kind of messed up his plans. The storm ended up being better. We went to eat at a little hole in the wall seafood restaurant on the way to Dauphin Island. It was yummy with real seafood- nothing pre-made. Then by the time we finished, the rain had stopped and we went to the beach on Dauphin Island. There were huge thunderstorms out in the water offshore and you could see it raining and lightening. There was a flash of lightening every second like you see on Discovery channel or something! I was so upset I didn't have my camera to get some shots. So yeah some may say dorky but we enjoyed it! Reminded me of the scene in Sweet Home Alabama where they are on the beach and he says "Why you wanna marry me anyhow" and she says "So I can kiss you anytime I want!"
Oh goodbye Sweet Home Alabama *tear* :(

Carsyn is learning more and more everyday. She still is trying her hardest to crawl but we still can't make it past the first leg going up. She has learned to give you a kiss(well me anyway :)) You know one of the mouth open wide slobbery baby kisses! She has preferences about which cup she wants to drink out of and where she wants to sit. She loves to yell and listen to herself make noise! I think I am going to enjoy this time to stay home with her and watch her learn. Even if I may want to pull my hair out some days!

Carsyn helping me pack boxes

Me and Carsyn taking a break

Oh and BTW I know my child is always naked in her pictures and she really does have some cute clothes but crap its 95 degrees and she would rather be naked, so she might as well do it while she can!

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