Monday, September 22, 2008

Fun Weekend and Countdown to Fall

I LOVE FALL! And apparently Carsyn does too because for the past 2 weeks from the moment she wakes at 6AM she is throwing a fit to be let outside. I am not kidding!
A FIT!!! I have finally given in and since the weather is almost perfect we spend almost all day outside. She gets disgustingly filthy but she is happy AND if Carsyn is happy everyone is Happy! I have to watch for the acorns going into the mouth but she stays pretty content!


I'm Outside and Lovin it! Look what I found!

Saturday my mom met us and we headed to Jackson. We had lunch with one of my best friends from highschool(now lives in Dallas) Lauren Spencer Cook and her husband who are expecting their first baby in March! Awww look at the baby bump!! Then we headed to Florence (my hometown) to pick up my mom's birthday present that I got her......

Lilly!!! Isn't she precious?!

Lilly's mama and her litter

Lauren, Mikel, Carsyn, and baby cook Jr

Then we proceeded to head back to Mccomb via Brookhaven and stopped at their fall festival. I have never in my life seen people sooo enthralled with a puppy. At least 30 people probably commented on how cute she was and asked questions about her! My goodness! Both Carsyn and Lilly did well through the travels and the festival. We were home by dinner time. Sunday was family work day (mostly for daddy! hee hee)after church and the weather was absolutely fabulous! Carsyn spent probably 6 hrs outside just sitting and crawling on a blanket! Completely Happy! She did get some bug bites...they seem to LOVE her!

The house is finally getting together. I think by this next weekend's post I should be able to put up some pics! Fingers crossed!

Many of you know but in case you don't I have been doing photography for the last few years. Here is what I have up my sleeve Super Excited!

Carsyn is giving me a time with feeding. She does not want to sit long enough to eat and she will not stay in her highchair very long. While she used to love her vegetables and fruits she now refuses them a lot of times. However in a restaurant she eats great?! And her veggies?! We are about to start working on eliminating the bottle..not sure how well that will go?! She loves her cup but also her baba!

Carsyn has now started dancing...guess "She get it from her mama" HA HA!

Fall is my FAVORITE time of the year and we have lots of family festivities during the coming months. The only bad thing is it goes by too quickly because you are always anticipating the next fun activity!!! Take a look at what is in store for us....

Sep 29th Daddy's 29th Birthday! One more year to the big 30
Oct 1st Nonny and Aunt Jan's birthday!
2nd week Oct- Lap baby reading starts at Library!
Oct 9th Canton Flea Market
Oct 11th Summit Fall Festival
Oct 15th CiCi and Pop's birthday!
Oct 22th MY BIRTHDAY!! :)
Franklinton LA Fair, Miss State Fair
Oct 31st Carsyn's First Halloween!!
Sometime in Oct Danny and I will take our first overnight get-a-way probably to Vicksburg...
And I am sure lots more that I am forgetting! October is a busy and FUN month!
Lots of blog worthy subjects!

I have gotten a little crazy with the "autumn" decorating on my front porch and I plan to have a hay bale and scarecrow scene in my front yard for picture taking so if your family wants to come have their family photo taken let me know! It will prob look a little like this pic I took a couple of years ago....

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