Monday, September 8, 2008

Where do I begin

I have had so much on my mind lately regarding Carsyn. Everyday I will think- Oh I need to write about that in the blog and then the thought disappears when it comes time to write.

As EVERYONE knows my child might be one of the worst sleeping babies on the planet. For 9 months I have allowed myself to become CONSUMED with trying to get her to sleep, keeping her asleep, doing everything in my power to make sure she gets her required amounts of sleep. The EXPERTS tell you your child needs to get at least 13-15 hrs of sleep a day, well folks, my child is the one in a million that can make it on 12hrs most of the time. I think I am finally throwing in the towel and giving up on worrying. I had gotten to the point where I didn't want to leave my house so as not to disrupt sleep time or leave her for someone else to tend to as I know how difficult getting her to sleep is. You all know that I have been letting her cry for months but for some reason she doesnt get the hint. They say after 3 days they should be taught BUT NOT my angel! As the control freak that I am I wanted to manage it and not rely on anyone else to help. I am trying very hard to learn to LET GO! Friday night Danny and I wanted to go do something but we didn't have an available sitter so we thought about taking Carsyn with us to a friend's house for dinner. While many parents can probably do this easily it is difficult when your child goes to bed between 7-7:30. I know most of my friends put there babies down to sleep during this hour so hopefully you can feel my pain! I decided to risk it and take her with us promising to be home by 8:30 for her to go to bed. We did just that and well lets just say the night/morning was not good. I don't know why but she awoke 6 hours later at 4 screaming her head off and I didn't get her back to sleep until almost 6 and then she awoke at 7. This just goes to show all of those people out there that say "keep her up later and she will sleep better and later" that this is not the case! Any who...I had already planned to go to Hattiesburg on Saturday(another instance where I fretted about messing up her naps but decided to roll with the flow)so needless to say I was exhausted and dreading the ride over. Luckily she slept the entire ride and was good to go. She only took a 30 min nap in the afternoon but took another 30 min nap on the way back home to Mccomb.

Danny had called and told me that he had scored free SAINTS tickets on the 40 yrd line 9th row and asked if I would consider going on Sunday. Now this was really a chance for me to learn to let go! This was the first time in 9 months that I have been in another city for an entire day away from her- not able to control her feeding or sleeping. Some may think I am silly but I am sure there are some other mommies out there that can understand what a big deal this was! I am hoping to take a weekend trip with Danny next month without Carsyn so this was an opportunity to dip my toes into the pool of "let it go!" All went well and we had a good time and Carsyn was alive and well taken care of when I got home just in time for bedtime. And I survived too!

Today I was able to have a little more patience when she refused to sleep or eat after having my break the day before. Which leads me into my next discussion- eating....

Having a child and wanting to do the best for them yet not go over the top is a very difficult task! I have started trying to give Carsyn whole foods. I had read up on the Internet different foods that other mommies had fed their babies at this age so I thought oh this might be fun! I cringed with every mouth full of substance scared of her choking but she did fine....until diaper duty! I FREAKED out when I changed a poopy diaper and lets just say there were still remnants from lunch that had not been digested. I have cut back a little on those foods but we are still trying out new ones. Feeding has become a new obstacle as the busy baby does NOT want to stop crawling to eat. Once again I have had to tell myself to relax as she will get the nutrition she needs even if she refuses lunch once in a while. A baby will eat when they are hungry I keep reminding myself.

In addition to her new changes Carsyn's intelligence baffles me! She is so observant and doesn't miss a thing. She knows Yeah! means something positive and No! means negative! She talks all of the time in babynese and can stand by herself for about 30 seconds. She will take one step before falling down but I think walking is just around the corner. She now will crawl into another room when I am in a different one however I will usually here MMMMMMMMMaaaaa shortly after. She also follows me around from room to room now which saves me from having to lug a 25lb baby everywhere! I have started baby proofing the house as I caught her going for an electric outlet the other instance where NO! came in HANDY!

We head to Mobile this week for the 9month doctor visit and a check-up for me! This should be interesting....but I will try to GO WITH THE FLOW and not worry! :)

Looking at Miss Pam's chickens and rooster

"Uncle Blake" and Carsyn

Carsyn and Daddy trying out the 4-wheeler

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