Tuesday, September 16, 2008

This is our life

Today was a great day...beautiful weather! I know it is probably just a tease to have 75 degree days and 58 degree nights already but I am loving it while it is here. I LOVE fall!
Carsyn loves outdoors! She would roll around and crawl in the dirt and grass all day if I would let her. And eat every acorn and leaf in sight!!! We have had some good naps- 2 a day usually 1hr or so each. She is now going almost 4 hrs between nap 1 and nap 2! This allows for a little more freedom to be out of the house!

Today we ran some errands, went to lunch with daddy, and took a stroll down the main street in downtown Summit. It is quaint. Check out our new residence--a far cry from Airport Blvd in Mobile but nice none the less! ( I didn't do any artsy pics because people were staring at me wondering what I was doing so I only snapped a few!)

When we returned Aunt Mo and CICI were here to hang out on the porch and enjoy the nice weather. Aunt Mo taught Carsyn to play the guitar. ;)

I am going to fill you in on the further insurance debacle that I have been dealing with in my next post!!!

On the move!

Walking here I come!

FALL Means cute new shoes from TARGET!!! Aren't they precious!

Mommy's new sofa table! Yeah finally a piece of my furniture!

Being cute at the Ace Hardware....

Downtown Summit(down the street from our house)

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