Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What did Carsyn get into today?????

I forgot to add these from the last post...

What did Carsyn get into today you ask.....

At 8AM while I thought she was with her daddy and he assumed she was with me she knocked over the dog water bowl and was drenched and had to get a change of clothes and new diaper.

At 11:30AM while playing on the back porch because she had been throwing a fit to be outside she was covered in dirt after a short 30 minutes of play. Clothes had to be taken off and body parts washed off.

At 12:30 explosive diaper and remainging clothes to come off and new diaper.

At 4:45 while playing on back porch again and getting filthy found flower pot and dug around in it and grabbed big handfuls of dirt. Wiped off...

At 5:00 found the bucket of grease from the grill and knocked it over and was immediately stripped of clothes and thrown into the bathtub!!!!

At 6:30 was put back in bathtub to wash hair.


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