Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Well today marked a few milestones and a few we are trying to attain.....

First off, Carsyn is becoming more opinionated which is accompanied with defiance! Carsyn and I have been having some struggles lately in who is the boss! I write this not to complain as I understand that is part of parenting (and one day I will give this diary to Carsyn and she can appreciate me more when she has her own children like I do my mother!) Anyhow today we were having a somewhat difficult morning I am not sure if her runny nose or teeth are still causing her some ill temperament but I was seriously second-guessing my decision to stay at home! But then early this afternoon we were on the back porch HER FAVORITE place with her ACORNS and she took 3 beautiful little steps toward me! At first I was in shock and then I was clapping for her at which point she had plopped down on her bottom! She wouldn't do it again but she definitely took 3 steps. And then I was like "It's okay if I stay home if I get to witness this!" Daddy was upset he missed it!

Also for the past month or so Carsyn has not been able to get a bath without ending it screaming. She hates to have her hair washed...I understand I was the same way as a child. Anyhow tonight we made it through the entire bath tear free! I have started putting some wash in the tub to make bubbles so it has captured her attention and distracted her!

Switching from the bottle is not going so well. I have been trying to knock out 2 out of the 4 bottles with a sippy cup (late morn and early afternoon). Well this morning she only drank a little out of the cup and this afternoon she threw a fit to have her bottle instead of cup. Once she got the bottle she downed it in about 5 min. What to do? She is also VERY particular about the sippy cup...luckily she likes the cheap plastic ones with hard lids but I tried to give her one that was just the same only taller and she refused it!

Here are some pics of her day she took her steps...holding her precious acorns!

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The Clark Family said...

It's so strange reading this at this point in my "motherhood". I have the memories of the boys' milestones, but I still have the excitement and anticipation of Reagan doing new things. It's also a little sad b/c she's my last one.