Sunday, November 2, 2008

Carsyn's 1st Halloween

We have been playing dress up for the last few days and Carsyn Belle (as we like to call her) was a BEAUTIFUL butterfly! I had her wear the costume pretty much all day Halloween to get my money out of it! And it looked SUPER CUTE! Nonny came over on Friday night to go trick or treating with us. We only hit up a few houses. It was past Carsyn's bedtime!

Speaking of Bedtime this daylight savings change is YET another bump in the road to sleepiness that we are dealing with. My lovey hasn't had a great nap in ages and now this has really sent us into a tailspin! She awoke at 4:30 this morning!

Back to Friday night...since Nonny was here, Danny and I hightailed it out of the house. We went to Dixie Springs Cafe (AKA Mallard) and then to see the movie Fireproof. Great movie! Very touching and a must see for all married couples. If you can get past the low-budget film making and actors the plot should touch anyone with a heart! Since we didnt make it in until 12 I paid for it the next day since my body is used to going to bed at 10ish. I was in bed by 8 Sat night! Saturday was spent goofing around with Nonny and a brief trip to the Mccomb mall (yes we have one) where I found Carsyn TWO precious Christmas dresses! I CANT WAIT to take her pics in these! (Speaking of Christmas pics if you want me to take her Christmas family picture you better grab your spot!)

Today we traveled to Clinton to see Danny's grandparents. They bought a new house we wanted to see (their other is still for sale in Crossgates if anyone is interested!). Gpaw Smith is not in the best health and we wanted to visit before his operation. Keep him in your prayers. The most gentle man on Earth! Traveling with Carsyn is always a challenge. Enough said! Poor angel needs to get back on her routine!

Enjoy our Halloween pics!

Trick or Treat Ladybug I am Butterfly Can I have your lollipop?!
Time for BED!

I got a ball from Ms Donna instead of candy!

Check this out too!

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