Thursday, November 6, 2008

Life is Flying BY!

Today is November just the other day it was August! Where is the time going?! Fall is such an exhilerating and fun time yet it makes life fly by! I loved our cold snap that we got early this year(however I also enjoy the average 75 temps too!). I love opening my door and watching the leaves float down from the trees. But I have already been to my first Christmas open house of the season! I recall last year being painfully pregnant during this time and becoming aggrivated with the early celebration of Christmas before Thanksgiving but this year I enjoy seeing the decorations already adorning the store windows! As many of my readers know...I was not thrilled with Carsyn having to share her birthday with Christmas time but I guess it just adds to the excitement because in December we will celebrate everything exciting in our family; mine and Danny's anniversary, Carsyn's birthday and CHRISTMAS!

Not to get a head of myself and totally skip November because the reason for this post is to reflect on how quickly life is flashing by. When I worked at the magazine in Mobile I worked 2 months in the future on monthly issues so I understood why life went quickly but now my weeks are just disappearing watching my baby. She is learning so much so quickly! She mimics a lot of what I do and say which causes you to look at yourself and realize that you better be a good role model because she is already watching everything. Carsyn's walking has gone from a few wobbly steps to practically trying to run in 3 short weeks. It is so cute when she walks towards me and just as she is about to reach me she starts running and laughing excited to have arrived at her destination!

Carsyn will also now start a game of peek-a-boo on her own by hiding behind the chair and poping her head out with a squeal. She also has learned how to turn around and stand in her stroller if she is not buckled in(which I now have to do all of the time now!) She and I have a new game where I strum my finger across her lips and she realizes that if she makes a hum noise than her mouth makes that funny vibrate noise...hope yall know what I mean.

Anyway life is fun but it is going by quickly at the moment. As a planner I have to tell myself to slow down and enjoy the present sometimes.

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