Sunday, November 9, 2008

Our Weekend

Friday Capt. Pappy (my dad) came to visit. He brought us a ton of fresh shrimp yumm yumm! Anybody who wants some HUGE Fresh shrimp let me know! We can get you some! Friday night Danny and I went to eat dinner with his parents and grandparents at the Country Club...good food, good company, and a night out! That is TWO Fridays in a row people! Ms. Mary Lou was kind enough to sit at the house. I know it is not fun to babysit when the baby is asleep!
Capt. Pappy always the goofball

What is THAT?

Getting the shrimp ready to freeze

Saturday was uneventful except for some Christmas portraits I took that afternoon. Aunt Mo came to watch Carsyn for me.

Sunday the usual church, lunch, and then my mom came to visit for a bit. At church Carsyn saw Addison (the 18mo old in her baby class) and she waved and said Hey to him during Church. HA HA!

Here is our weekend in pictures....
Helping Daddy on the tractor

Just out of church with my shoes STILL on!
I CAN NOT believe my baby actually laid down on her own!

Carsyn got adjusted to the daylight savings time pretty quickly, however, it seems she might be going through a bit of seperation anxiety again. One of my MANY baby books on sleep discussed how when children reach a MAJOR milestone such as walking that they begin to wake up again at night. Well for the last 2 nights she has done so at 2AM. Danny was so excited he got her to go back to sleep last night for the first time ever without my intervention. I had failed at my attempt, even after letting her cry for a while. Finally he went and laid down on the floor in her room and she fell asleep knowing someone was there. She also is switching from a mommy's girl to more of a daddy's girl these days...which makes Daddy EXTREMELY happy and proud! She loves to make him feel bad when he leaves.

Carsyn's walking has progressed so much in the last month. She now practically runs (well as quickly as an 11 month can run)from room to room! Her chubby thighs are going to disappear soon! :( This also comes with LOTS of bumps on the head and many tears! As you will see in her pics she got a strawberry on the forehead today!

ALSO I have found shoes that she will actually keep on her feet! PEDIPED brand! They are a bit pricey but worth there promise to stay on your children's feet! Go check out their website. They are great for new walkers! I have been able to keep a couple of other shoes on her lately but these are by far the best!

Okay time is flying by on to another week!

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