Friday, November 21, 2008

Adventures of Carsyn

I know the bow doesnt match I was practicing getting her to keep her Christmas headband on!

Well it has been a while since I wrote because I swear life has gone in overdrive.
The smarter Carsyn gets the dumber I get! SERIOUSLY! I think my mommybrain from pregnancy has come back tenfold! In the last week I have lost the keys to the car (which I HAVE NEVER DONE!) and had to get new keys made to a whopping $125 to which I found my keys the moment the dealership left my house! SERIOUSLY?! I sat down and started bawling in the driveway! And I left the stove on today and forgot to turn it off with a pot sitting on it! Don't worry no burns LUCKILY! My vocabulary and spelling is getting worse and worse....I will be in mid-sentence and just completely forget what I am saying or the right word for what I am trying to convey. Just little things that are SO not me and my personality keep occuring and I dont like it! Any way to solve it other than calm down and stop stressing?
But Carsyn's intelligence is gaining each day. The toddler years are definitely upon us and MY GOODNESS is it a challenge to keep up with her. She can now open all doors by herself, anything from cabinets to outside doors. If I show her how to write with a pen or crayon she can do it herself. She is really into the whole nesting thing where they put things inside of things and take them out and REPEAT. She is trying to figure out shapes and on her own she will grab a top to something and try to put it back where it belongs. If I am in another room she walk throught the halls yelling "AGAHH" to which I think means "Momma where are you" and I yell back and she follows my voice until she finds me. (Don't worry its not like I leave her alone for long.) She can assoicate now the sequence of events which is cool if she hears the front door squeek open and looks to see who is there but not cool when she knows bedtime follows bathtime! HA HA!
Carsyn now goes to bed at 8 and sleeps until 6 with no problems so apparently she doesnt need the "required" 11-12 hrs at night. So far so good this week. Naps on schedule also.
Carsyn and her puppy Trey have become best buddies. They play all the time and they console each other when needed. Trey has started going into her room to check on her by himself which at times has caused him to wake her as she is an EXTREMELY light sleeper.
Along with the frustrations of entering toddlerhood I find myself being nostalgic lately as we wait for her 1st birthday party to arrive in less than 3 weeks!
Well lots to do as we head to Hattiesburg tomorrow! :)

I just keep repeating what my mamommy used to say "This too shall Pass!"

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