Sunday, November 30, 2008

So where did we leave off

So let's see what have we been up to lately in the Smith house! When I ended my last blog Danny and I were heading to Hattiesburg to do some Christmas shopping and catch up on some alone time.

Carsyn in no way can feel unloved this month with all of the attention she has been receiving!

For her first Thanksgiving we headed to Clinton to visit Danny's grandparent's new home and Grandfather Smith as he is still recuperating from his very successful surgery. Carsyn slept the entire 1 hr trip there and about 45 min home so good travels when she snoozes! She was kept entertained by the family at all times so no fusses from her. At Thanksgiving we went around the room and told what we were most thankful for this year and of course mine was Carsyn but more importantly that she has had such a healthy and pleasant year. In fact I have been feeling almost guilty with all that we have to be thankful for this year. It seems we do not lack for anything we desire lately whether it be material objects or having the ability to eat out at nice restaurants it makes me feel almost like a glutton.

On Friday my mom came to stay as she was supposed to help watch Carsyn while I took christmas portraits but I got rained out ALL WEEKEND! :( Saturday night Danny and I headed to Baton Rouge for our first night away to celebrate our anniversary (3 years this week!) We had dinner at the Melting Pot which was an awesome experience and good food then we headed to the movies to watch Four Christmases (pretty funny but not a must see). We stayed the night at the Hampton Inn which is Danny's fave hotel (I must say they do have great mattresses and comforters!) and I got my first 8 hours plus sleep in at least a year! It was nice to get away but I was ready to see my princess when we got home. My dad has come to visit several times this trip home (he works off 30 days at a time.) Check out the pics.... I greatly appreciate both of the grandmother's helping to watch Carsyn so that Danny and I could get some quality time together.

I will post Carsyn's birthday pics that I took on my next blog along with her birthday invite and a look back at the last year of her life. It is amazing how quickly the year went by! This time last year I was begging her to hurry up and come see us! Yes all of the attention is on me!

Camo twinkies....atleast its pink!

PS: If you are doing some Christmas shopping here are some websites I have been visiting that provide you coupons etc via email when you join their mailing list....I am almost half way finished!

Hopefully next time I blog i will have some family pictures to show you that a photographer friend of mine is taking this week so I can ACTUALLY be in a picture! :)
PSS: Go see my blog about my Gracie

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