Monday, April 25, 2011

I never want to forget

There are some interesting and sweet words my little chatterbox has been coming up with lately and I never want to forget them!

We finally got her new swingset put up last week and to say she LOVES it would be a HUGE understatement!! Everyday we have to go play on it atleast twice sometimes three times a day!

She always says "First Im gunna swing fronts, then Im gunna swing backs, then Im gunna swing on my tummy, then Im gunna do monkey bars, THEN Im gunna SLIDE!"

Today as we were eating dessert after our lunch she said "Hey momma, let's take our pudding cups out to the swing and have a snackover!"

Also last week Danny and I were having a disagreement and she said "Hey can't we stop and all be friends?!?!?" Nothing like a 3 yr old to put life in perspective for you!

Lately at church she has tried to sing along with us, she grabs the bible thinking it is the hymnal and babbles as she trys to sing. I so hope she will be able to continue her musical interest.

Also at church she has started bowing her head and putting her hands together-sweetest sight ever.

On our way to church one Wed evening I was wearing a sundress I had on all day. It was one shoulder but I had brought my cardigan to put on once we reached church. As we got into the car to leave she said "Mommy you can't wear that you are going to show everybody your everything!" "You can see your back!" REALLY?!?!?!

While eating dinner... "Momma Im eating my broccoli but have you ever heard of ranch on broccoli? I think that would be a GREAT idea!!" (Carsyn puts ranch on EVERYTHING...especially scrambled eggs!)

Last night in her prayers she thanked God for just about every person she knows and then she said " And dear God thank you for giving me a baby brother or sister"
Nope sorry that is a negative...she better watch what she prayers for she might not like it if it comes true!!

Her favorite phrase is "Are you KIDDING ME?" She says it atleaset ten times a day!

When Carsyn asks me a question and she wants me to say yes she will repeatedly say "Whatever? Whatever Mommy? Whatever?"

Apparently I saw Whatever a bit too much!

When we went to see baby Emma in the hospital and they wheelend her in the room in the cart
she grabbed my leg and whispered "I looked just like that when I was born like the picture in my baby book!!!" I don't think the hospital striped blanket/hat combo will ever go out of style!

So no pictures for this blog but I will work on doing a better job. It has been called to my attention that I have been slacking! :)

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Amanda Jones said...

They def say the funniest things at this age!!

Colby says oh my doodness....100 times a day!