Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's A BOY!!!

Well after several glitches...the Gender Reveal Party was a huge success and a wonderfully fun way to find out the sex of Baby Smith!! I highly recommend everyone to discover the sex of their baby this way!!!

So here is how it went down...first off all I received a message from my UT that I was not on her schedule. Panic set in...called the office...yep no appointment on record even though I made it two months ago and double checked at my 16 week appointment. Called my BFF who's husband is my doctor's partner...turns out I did have an appointment just not the Ultrasound. He fixed it and we were back on track. THEN my UT tech told me that she had to switch days but she would inform the other tech what was to go down and she could text the answer.

Day of appointment came and Danny and I entered a standing room only waiting room at 8:45!! Needless to say it was 2 hours before we even got to the ultrasound! This is not the norm but it was a highly busy day! When I entered the ultrasound room and said

"Hey I am Amanda- Shari told you about me? Im having the gender party, so DON"T tell me what it is?!?" Confused look on UT face. "Umm no fill me in?"

So after I filled her in she said she faintly recalled seeing a text about this scenario... great!

Ultrasound began and she said she would refer to the baby as a HE for general purpposes. The baby was measuring right on track and looked to be perfectly healthy. He was not moving a ton but definitely stretching out his legs often. Then she told us to cover our eyes to check a leg in the event we could see something. She started referring to it as a SHE and Danny and I both had thought she might have slipped. Then we covered our eyes again to check the sex and I peeked at Danny to make sure he wasn't peeking. And she quickly found it. I went to my doctor's office and said "Make sure not to tell me what it is" " I was pretty sure it was a boy but now Im confused because the tech called it a SHE." My doctor aked why I thought that and with that I was completly confused!

I stayed busy with Carsyn and preparing my house for guests the rest of the afternoon. Carsyn and I decided to kill some more time we would go get Big Sister pedicures!

I was so lucky to have my baker make my cake the SAME day so we didn't have to wait. We waited until close to party time so there would be no time for peeking! Although since I had made it this far I was excited to wait another hour! In fact when our family arrived I decided we should eat dinner BEFORE cutting the cake just to make the anticipation last a little longer!

And FINALLY we cut it and it was the smurfiest blue I have ever seen! No mistaking! My OB is my Facebook friend so I messaged her and said "It is a boy right?!?!" And she said YES!

So while I have needed to concentrate on work last week I haven't been able to stop shopping and planning his nursery decor! I have already purchased his fabric since the party that we will have the crib bedding made from. Unfortunately Baby Smith still does not have a name and we are nowhere close to deciding on one!

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