Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Carsyn my dear

I am a little late posting about your four year old birthday, but as I sit here on the couch watching you play pretend with your lalaloopsy and doll house dolls it made me realize how quickly time is fleeting.

I don't even know where to begin to talk about what you mean to me and your daddy. You are the most beautiful and caring little girl to others. While you aren't always the nicest to your parents you are always respectful and loving to others. You love to be in the spotlight and have to be busy at all times! You would much rather be surrounded by people either adults or children than be at home. You hardly meet a stranger and always give them a hug goodbye whether you have just met or known for years.

I have to say you are more and more like your mother every day...sorry to tell ya! You are definitely my mini-me and I get blamed for all of your "negative" personality traits. Your independence can drive me batty at times but I know that I will not have to worry about you achieving whatever you want.

From 6:30 AM to 8:30 PM except for the 3 hours of preschool or the few times you are with babysitters/daddy you are by my side. You have been the best little sidekick during my pregnancy with your brother....always kissing my belly and jumping to pick up the countless objects I drop and cannot retrieve. I only hope this love continues once he actually arrives. I know that you will take some adjusting to sharing me. When someone asked you last week what you were going to do when he was sitting in my lap you replied very matter of fact...."Ill just pick him up and move him!"

For your 4th birthday we had a princess tea party at the Brentwood House. You and I had been planning this party since your last one ended last year! I hope that you will remember how magical it was.

In the last couple of weeks we have been watching our old home videos and even though it is cliche I can't believe how quickly time passes...especially 18 mos to 4! As if you had a choice you have become quite the poser in front of my camera. Just this week we went and played in my studio to take your picture in my wedding gown. It turned out beautifully and I have plans to blow it up large and hang above our bed with pictures of you and Jeremiah.

Just for records sake here are a few of your habits at age 4.

You stopped taking a nap sometime around August. I hated to see it end but you actually are much happier during the day without it and quickly go to bed as opposed to the nightly battle we were enduring.

You still have a fabulous appetite and eat almost anything. EVERYDAY you have carrots/cucumbers/celery with ranch atleast once a day. Your favorite breakfast is boiled eggs and peaches/pineapple. You do eat a few too many hotdogs and probably would everyday if I let you. You love spaghetti/roast/and tomato soup.

Most nights you sleep through the night but atleast twice a week you still wake up. I do not look forward to being woken up by you and your brother at the same time or right after each other!! :(

I have to wrap this up because we are headed to visit with Grandparents Smith and go visit Santa in Jackson. It is so fun to experience the magic of Christmas through your eyes at this fun age!

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