Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011 recap to Carsyn

We have so much to be thankful for this Christmas season. Last year we were enduring the loss of Pop and missing Nonny as she was recovering from her breast cancer operations. I loved the way my Christmas cards turned out this year and they definitely described everything we as a family have learned through the year.

This year was the first year that you could truly understand the reason we celebrate Christmas. We went to see the Live Nativity and talked about the baby Jesus. We had a Happy Birthday Jesus party with your playgroup buddies (you also had one at school too). When we left the lunch I asked if you understood why we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and you said Yes and then proceeded to ask these questions "How old is Jesus?" "Did he have to get shots when he was born?" "What kind of presents does he want this year?" My answers; Really really old, no, and he just wants you to obey mommy and daddy as his present!

This year you were in the Mccomb Christmas parade with your dance class and while I know you had fun I think you'd rather have been catching the candy on the street than throwing it! But you got that opportunity when we attended the Summit Christmas parade a few weeks later. Also we made our annual drive to Tylertown to view the lights and watch you perform in your school program. Ms. Chris invited us over to what has become an annual tradition of making gingerbread houses with Brooke and Colin. One Saturday, we rode over to a place called Swan Creek in Monticello where we fed animals, played games, roasted marshmellows, and saw Mr. and Mrs. Claus. You were not fooled, however, when Santa Claus started talking to me and CiCi about your father and the furniture stores and quickly told me "That's just a pretend Santa, isn't it mama? That's not the real one." Yes I agreed this was just a friend of his sent to visit and keep an eye on everyone around. You are definitely a quick little 4 year old! We did go visit another Santa at the Bass Pro Shop where we had lunch with Grandparent Smiths.

Christmas morning you actually slept in and I was impatiently waiting for YOU to wake up! Just as I did as a child you calmly inspected everything Santa brought never really showing much emotion.

And now the holiday has quickly passed and it is time to wait for your baby brother to arrive in one week from today. I can't wait to watch you and our new addition grow next year!

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