Saturday, July 2, 2011

Baby Smith #2 week 9

Baby Smith #2

I still haven't announced to the public nor published my original blog about discovering our pregnancy but I want to document this journey as I did with Carsyn. We don't want #2 to start out feeling slighted! :) Although we know Carsyn will keep he/she in it's place!

So we have had our appointment to hear the heartbeat. As with Carsyn, my baby's growth shows a week behind what my menstrual cycle due date indicates. As of now the duedate is set for Jan 16th. As soon as the image flashed on the screen Danny said "Yep it's a girl." It seems he thinks it will be a girl again...and he is happy about it. I felt boy in the very beginning but as time has progressed I am leaning more toward girl as well. When I saw the iamge I also instantly thought girl. Of course we are happy with either sex as long as it is healthy(and sleeps :)) J/K!!! (sort of)

I was afraid since Carsyn found out so early she was going to be ancy the entire 9 months but it seems she is very nonchalant about it now. She still randomly asks me questions but not all the time.

My belly is ridiculously big for 9 weeks. I AM NOT KIDDING! Danny still has not told several people and so I am still supposed to be covering it up which is becoming increasingly difficult. I would say I am the same size as I was at five months with Carsyn's pregnancy. I am already not fitting in my pants and wearing maternity clothing. I will take a photo soon. (Of course I have already scheduled my maternity portraits with one of my favorite photographer friends)!

I have experienced more nausaea with this pregnancy than with Carsyn. Still no actual vomitting but sometimes I wish I would :( I went ahead and had them call in some zofran several weeks ago and it nips it in the bud! If I can keep my stomach full (usually with carbs/starches) than I can stay away from the sickly feeling. Surprisingly I have not been that tired at all. I recall with Carsyn crashing when I got home from work and wondering how do people with an older child keep going, but I have not felt any more tired than usual. In fact photographed a wedding this past weekend for over 8 hours and was fine! I hope this continues because I have a packed schedule until December!!

So the next appointment is on July 5th and I will have reached the end of the first trimester. I suppose I can publish this blog at that point as Danny still doesn't want to announce. Im not sure why other than he is superstitious.

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