Thursday, March 1, 2012

Life with two children

Oh where do I has been 8 weeks since my last post and Jeremiah is almost two months old. Everyone says life with two is super harder than one child and I would have to agree at some moments of the day it is! The most difficult times of the day are in the morning when everyone is trying to get dressed, the baby wants to eat, and the dog wants to be let out (and in) all at the same time. I only have so many hands and it seems EVERYONE needs Mama's attention! My husband has jumped in and been a super partner...much more so than #1...and I definitely don't know how people with three do it once the parents are out numbered! Bedtime can also be a challenge at times if his feeding does not follow her bedtime.

For the baby who was born with no rolls, they are coming on in leaps and bounds now! I wish I could lose this baby weight as fast as he is gaining his weight! I am estimating he is already at around 12-13 lbs! He is already in 3-6 month clothing and he definitely looks more like a 3 month old than a two month old! He still eats every three hours...even at night...even when I added cereal to his bottles two weeks ago! Every now and again he will go for 4 or so on one stretch but that is it.

Oh and that is another most difficult aspect of two never fails that when J actually sleeps for a longer stretch, Carsyn will wake me with a nightmare or needing to potty! AND it seems J has started a pattern of awakening at 3:30ish and not returning to sleep until 5ish...which means when sister wakes at 6:30-6:45 I have just returned to sleep after being up! This is definitely starting to wear on me!

As for how big sister is adapting...she still loves him greatly but her desire to gain my attention has caused my sweet girl to become quite the troublemaker. Her sassy, smartmouth is more like at 14 year old than a 4 year old and I really am clueless as to how to make it better. She also has been having night terrors which I think are a result of her passive aggressiveness to her brother. I am hoping this too will pass soon but I am happy she is not physically taking it out on the baby even though she told me we could get a new one!

My newborn who was oblivious to noise and distractions and could be set anywhere has now started acting more like his big sister. And his need for a pacifier that he can't keep in his mouth is about to drive me to the looney bin! I am scared to death I will re-live the torment of no sleep I had with Carsyn so I intend to start some sleep training methods in a few more weeks. I tried to take his pacy away yesterday to see if he could go without but he only made it until afternoon and then wanted it to go to sleep.

J started smiling about two weeks ago and he almost always gives me a big grin right after he wakes up when he is getting his diaper changed...this definitely helps encourage me after the sleep deprivation I have just endured! I can't wait until he can laugh and interact even more!

And not to rush away his first year, BUT I am looking forward to getting to sleep for longer than three hours!
his first smiles that warm my heart and bring tears to my eyes!
Im telling you those eyes and lashes are going to break hearts one day!

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