Sunday, January 15, 2012

My heart is so full it might burst

Well it has been a week since baby Jeremiah joined our family. All in all the transition has gone much better than I could ever imagine. It is amazing how much easier and calmer raising #2 can be when you have a little experience under your belt! Carsyn has done amazing with the transition and it almost makes me sad to see how grown up she is with her baby brother. When I tell you she loves him to the moon she really does. She is the perfect age and she really is super helpful! She even gives him his morning bottle most mornings! There was once this week where she bebopped into the nursery at 4:30 AM wanting to help me give him his bottle! And NO he wasn't crying! She just heard me in the hall. You thought I was kidding when I said I would be up with both kids! Not even 5 days old and it has started. Thankfully I was able to get Daddy to get her back to bed. And talk about loving someone unconditionally- this little boy has his daddy wrapped so much. We all really are just walking around in a cloud of bliss.

Jeremiah Allan ended up being born on January 6th at 12:51PM weighing in at 8.5 191/2 in. He looked absolutely nothing like what I expected and all of the family stared with puzzles looks trying to figure out who he looks like. As of now he has blue eyes and light brown child has blue eyes! I can't get over it! I know they might change to green/hazel but still he looks nothing like his dark haired dark eyed sister. Danny and I have come to the conclusion that at this time we think he most looks like his namesake, Pop, with brown hair. While his sister was born weighing 6oz less she looked more chunky then he. He has extremely long fingers and toes and really no rolls as of now.

My scheduled c-section went smoothly and I was able to actually be coherent this time! Everyone at Southwest Hospital was awesome and made our experience very pleasurable. A huge thank you to my photography colleague, Elise Parker who came and photographed the experience for me so I could see what Carsyn's reaction to him was like. And then she made this video that makes me boohoo every time.

Now ever though we have been living in a state of euphoria does not mean I have not experienced my share of hormonal break downs and moments of complete stupidity either due to sleep deprivation or hormones taking over my brain. I'm certainly glad the night chills have ended after a week of waking up with teeth chattering and drenched pjs! I have shed my fair share of tears especially after realizing I would never experience pregnancy again. So funny since when I was pregnant with C I swore I would never go through THAT again!

For a week old Jeremiah seems to be a pretty content baby. He sleeps wherever I lay him down and aside from the cries from gas pains doesn't cry unless he is hungry. He actually seems to prefer being left alone as opposed to his sister who wanted to be held at all times.

For my one friend who is not on are a few shots I have captured this week of my two angels.

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