Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The *$&*#&(@)#&* Paci!

Carsyn did not suck on a pacifier. She never had any desire. Her brother on the other hand seems to have taken after his daddy who sucked his until about 4! I really have no qualms with the paci, other than the battle I know will ensue around age 2. However, Jeremiah has always had a problem keeping it in. As soon as it falls out..waaaaah! So I tried lots of different kinds and finally found one very unique kind that he can keep in better, however it still falls. I have had lots of frustrations with the dern thing but not until recently did I develop my great hatred for it. To be quite honest I look forward to the day that he can put it back in himself and I don't have to and then I won't mind it as much. But in the present it is becoming a big nuisance! He went from waking up twice a night to waking every hour wanting the paci put back in his mouth. It was worst than a newborn! So this week I decided I was taking the paci away for all sleep times. It worked like a charm the first day- he only cried for about 10 minutes and sometimes none at all. He definitely does not have the strong will of his sister atleast not when it comes to fighting sleep! That night he went to bed with not a wimper and only woke up twice. Then Tuesday was VERY HECTIC and our schedules were greatly disrupted. I caved and gave it to him a few times when we were in the car...mind you I am still letting him have it when he isn't that night was AWFUL! Sleept from 6-12 but then every hour or so after that wanted it until he woke at 6. So today I went back to the no paci rule. He screamed a good bit but not for long. Praying he sleeps better tonight and doesn't want it! Wishful for the day he can put it back in himself!!

Other than this little hang-up he really is the sweetest most laid back baby. He is just the smiliest baby, grinning at everyone. You just can't help but want to squeeze these big ole cheeks...which is still the only resemblance he has to me! He had a bad ear infection two weeks ago and so we found out he weighed in at about 19lbs 4 oz and 25 3/4 inches (almost exactly what his one year old cousin weighs and length!). He also has almost 3 teeth coming in already which is another reason I hate to take the paci away completely!

He and I ran into my studio for a 15 minute quick shoot today. Since he will be 4 months old this weekend I wanted to capture him at "3 months." I especially wanted to get the belly picture to compare to one I have very similar of Carsyn at around 4 months.

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