Thursday, July 26, 2012

half a year

Yep I know, I am a blog slacker.

 Life has taken on a new level of busy and finding 10 minutes to blog has become almost impossible. BUT I do want to document my busy little man AND busy he is! I have been absolutely flabbergasted since his arrival at how much more he moves as compared to his sister. When I was pregnant someone said to me "Boys wear you out physically, Girls wear you out emotionally!" This is so amazingly true!

This boy does not like to be restrained!!! Bouncy seat? No, she lived in it until she was about 7-8 months, Exersaucer? No, he hated it, Walker? as of now no. Like his sister, he hates the car seat but luckily he has her in the backseat to entertain him. And does he ever love his sister?! I have the cutest videos of him laughing hysterically at her! Now while she does love him she has decided that he is a bit of a nuisance at times and requires way too much attention! I really do rely on her to be my big helper! She does so much for me and frequently does take the backseat.

My smiley boy still intrigues us with who he looks like. He definitely seems to have my mama's coloring. And he has my husband's and father-in-law's expressions. He smiles with his eyes just like his daddy and his pop. And while my little girl definitely favors women and has always been a mama's girl, this little boy shows no favoritism to anyone and always makes everyone feel like he loves them endlessly! He also literally jumps for joy when his daddy walks in from work.

While I am grateful that I have extremely healthy and vibrant children, I can't believe I have another non-sleeper! I have made every attempt to not allow any sleep crutches to be established, he is put down to sleep awake which he actually prefers and usually goes to sleep easily on his own. He already has a lovey, a baseball teddybear/blanket that was given to me at a shower. He also passes out by 6:30-7 every night even though I would like for him to go down a little later I am grateful. He sleeps until about 1 then still wants to eat once, then from 3:30-6:30 he often wakes up several times. Usually it is for his pacy which I gave back to him after feeling guilty. I can not wait for him to be able to put this sucker back in his mouth himself!!!! And like his sister he does not nap for long although I am working on that now that we are ending summer and starting back to our routines.

At 6 months and two weeks my little busybody scooted across the kitchen floor today on his bottom. He does not like to be on his belly or back rather he prefers to be upright at all times. So in his efforts to figure out how to move he sat up right and scooted with his arms stretched out as if pulling along a rope. I guess I better start baby proofing the house!

Here are a few 6month shots I took in the studio. 

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