Monday, March 24, 2008

Carsyn's first Easter

Easter clothes

Whirlwind tour of southern Mississippi!

Friday I took the day off as I knew that I would NEVER get everything done and ready to leave for Miss if I had not. We had to leave by 2PM to get to Laurel for a rehearsal dinner where Danny was the Best Man.

We departed on time but about 30 min out- Carsyn had a poopy diaper. A first- we had to pull over on the side of the road to change it. Ahh the joys of traveling with an infant. We have had to stop to let the dog go to the bathroom while driving before but not Carsyn! So we zoom ahead to my mother's to take Carsyn and then go to the rehearsal. It was in a town called SOSO- I have lived in MS most of my life and have never heard of SOSO, MS! The dinner was yummy and we got back to my mother's just as Carsyn had gone to sleep. I had wondered how badly this trip would mess up her sleep because she has started refusing naps and fighting her sleep. Let's just say that Sat night I got about 4 hrs maybe total of sleep :(. On Saturday the wedding was in Laurel at 2PM and Carsyn barely took any naps all day. I had mentioned to my coworkers about her sleep deprivation looking for some answers and one of them said " What do you expect- her mother is the energizer bunny who never stops going and her father is an insomniac of course she doesn't sleep!" HA HA! SO very true!

Saturday, when we finally got away from the wedding, we headed to Columbia to see my grandmother who is in a rehab facility. Carsyn was so funny because we set her in the bed with my grandmother and she just sat staring at her babbling in baby talk non-stop as if it was the most important conversation she had ever had! Hopefully this brightened my mamommy's afternoon! But then the sweet angel turned on us and started screaching waking the elderly who I am sure were headed for bed at 6PM! So we skeedadled to Mccomb where we met Danny's parents for dinner. CiCi , Danny's mom, loved showing off her grandbaby to the patrons of Justin's restaurant! Once home my poor child was exhausted but refused sleep- finally at 10 she shut her peepers and went to bed with me not to awaken until 2AM! YEAH! Sunday morning after some playtime we got ready for church. Everyone at Mccomb Church of Christ has been waiting to meet Miss Carsyn for over 3 months so they were delighted to finally see her. She behaved herself quite nicely only having to leave once.

After a sugar buzz from all of the candy and gifts we received by both parents, Sunday affternoon was spent napping until we had to drive back to Mobile. Traveling with an infant is definitely a challenge but I give Carsyn 5 stars for her behavior.

Carsyn and her aunt Morgan
Daddy and Carsyn crash from a sugar buzz!

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