Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I'm sure that one day we will laugh about this-like in 15 years!

Monday night series of events:

9:00 PM Carsyn goes to bed in crib
12:15AM Carsyn awakens but goes back to sleep within 10min of being held
1:00 AM Major storm comes in and power goes out several times- monitors BIZARK cant see or hear her in her room.
2:30Am Carsyn awakes to receive a bottle- discover diaper leaked- had to change her clothes, storm still going on -lightening and thundering like crazy bring her to our bed

4:30 AM Cat starts meowing to go outside (I HATE this cat BTW) Danny hears him and jumps up and hits him which startles Carsyn awake and throws her into a crying spree that lasted about 30min- then gets another bottle even though probably not hungry just calming.

6:15 AM I get up and get ready for work and fix bottles, clean bottles, and pack her sitter bag.
7:00 AM Carsyn awakens and sits with me while I get dressed
7:55 AM I leave for work


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