Monday, June 7, 2010

Potty Trained at 29 months!!!!

Well I am herby claiming Carsyn potty trained! She started going potty on her own around age 16 months. She would use it from time to time for about 6 months this way- even in public at around age 20 months! Then at age 22months to 28 months she just stopped. Nada! Not even at home. So aggrivating! I was so sure she would be potty trained by age 2! But in all honesty diapers are sooooo much easier so I didn't really press the issue! Plus I have learned much to my frustrations that like her mother, Carsyn will do it when she is ready.

And low and behold about a month ago she started back going! We had some MAJOR issues with poo poo in the potty as she would still hide in a corner when it came time to perform this action and I didn't think she would ever get over it. But she did, and I realized that she wanted some more privacy, so when she started announcing that she was going #2 I would say okay I am going to stay in here, call me if you need me! And sure enough this did the trick. Now she tells me "No mama you no go- you stay here."

What are the secrets?! I really don't think there are any. Just as some children walk early I believe different children are ready to the potty at different ages. At age 18mo I did a sticker chart that lasted for a a few weeks but she didn't really get it. At age 2 I gave her m&ms but then that just created a nasty habit of m&m eating! But when she decided she wanted to go again I put a new sticker chart up with princess stickers and this time it clicked! When the stickers ran out I didn't buy more I just stopped acknowledging it as such a major feat!Also it helped that she got to wear Dora panties! I did promise a slide when she consistantly poo poo in the potty and we went last weekend to get it. She decided she wanted a Dora tricycle instead (which was cheaper so whoohoo!). And she has been good to go ever since.

I figured naptime and bedtime would take a while to master so she does wear pullups during that time but all of the sudden miraculously she has been waking up dry?! Normally her diapers were soaked at night?! I don't understand that one. I will still keep pull ups on for the time being just in case.

So my big girl is now officially a big big girl! I am so proud!!! ;) We can enjoy our summer plans diaperless! And spend diaper money on vacation!

BTW I have four boxes of size 6 Pampers Cruisers 75 count (double a walmart box) for $20 (same price as walmart) if anyone is intersted in them. I sure would like my $80 back- that is what I get for buying in bulk so late in her life!

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