Sunday, June 13, 2010

My little Buddy

Lately it has become apparent to me that Carsyn has become more than just my child she has become my little buddy. I tell her she is my best friend. I have never really babied Carsyn rather treated her as if she is older. Sometimes this is good and other times I have to remind myself that she IS still a baby, but she has always been so independent.

Life changed so drastically when she moved into her big girl bed. It became easier although many told me it would be the worst transition we ever had. And now that she is potty trained she is practically self-sufficient! Ha just joking I still hear "HOLD ME!" a thousand times a day! But really life is so comfortable now.

At this point you begin to wonder if it is time for another child but as it is with everything in life that has pros and cons I keep wavering. UGH to go back to the diapers and the no sleep! But while I do think it will be a transition for Carsyn to share her mama I can see her being a great big sister- she already is like a little momma- sometimes I think she mothers her baby dolls better than I do her! And she already asks for a sister/brother even though she doesn't really know what she is saying. As I try to imagine what two would be like I just remind myself that you will just deal with it and figure it out the same way you didn't know what one would be like. And I am happy to know I have my buddy there to be my big helper. Since I was an only and Danny practically was it is very difficult for us to comprehend what it will be like with two! Well I still have some time left before I am ready to jump on that bandwagon but I just wanted Carsyn to be able to see how much I needed her when she reads this later in life.

In other info about Carsyn I am constantly AMAZED at her memory and comprehension skills! This girl remembers EVERYTHING! She will correct me and tell me where something is. And last night we were looking at pictures and she remembered just by seeing the pictures that was when I hurt my foot during a photo shoot! How does a 2 yr old know that?! I know I am partial but she is one smart cookie!

A funny talking moment was this past week while on the beach in Bay St. Louis we saw sail boats from St. Stanislaus summer camp in the water. When I told her what they were she said "I want to see Sant Claus." "I want a Santa Claus boat!" Too priceless!

And speaking of talking....oh my word....does she not stop! I didn't think the why's would start until she was three but I hear Why about every 10 minutes. I try not to get aggrivated and just remind myself that she is just expanding that big beautiful brain of hers.

So this post is dedicated to my little buddy and momma's best friend. My sweet girl is becoming a little person before my eyes.

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Amanda Jones said...

Colby remembers the craziest things too. Mom came over yesterday and was wearing the same outfit (minus the sun visor) she wore on memorial day and Colby said where is your hat??

You know you want baby #2....come on, it's great!!!