Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Where have we been?

OKay Okay I know it has officially been over a month since I blogged! I have started this same blog atleast 3 times! I have been a tad busy. In my defense I did start this blog a month or so ago but then did not find time to upload pics to go with it so here is the first blog from earlier....

First off, I have been SUPER SUPER busy with work and getting my new photography studio ready for my Open House! I am so excited and ready to get the ball rolling. My first session- a newborn- will be this week so hopefully the goals I have set for myself will come to fruition soon! I owe a huge thanks to all of my friends and family for supporting me to allow me to reach this milestone!

Secondly, I made a quick trip to Mobile last weekend to photograph a dear friend's newborn. It was a fabulous 24 hours of mommy only time and I got to visit with friends and eat at favorite restaurants!! You can see a few of baby Pete's pictures on my Facebook.

As soon as I crossed the Mississippi line, however, reality hit and my poor little girl had strep throat :(. I knew it before we even got to the doctor. Bad flashbacks for me of my mannnnnny trips to the doctor for strep!! Looks like I will be seeing about getting her tonsils taken out sooner than later! A quick shot healed the infection in no time. The 48 hours though before and after the shot seemed to last an eternity. Poor baby couldn't eat the entire time.

Also a few blogs ago I commented about how Carsyn had not been having many tantrums...wellllll...as usual I have jinxed us. The tanrtums have been OUT OF CONTROL!! Ridiculous! That is another reason for my delay in blogging! I didn't want to write an entire blog about how trying she has been!!! Really I SERIOUSLY believe what they say about the Trying Threes being worse than the Terrible Twos! She has been so sassy, stubborn, irrational, and almost mean. We had our first punishment this weekend- after a fit of screaming for 30 minutes uncontrollably over nothing- I took away her dvd player privliges for the rest of the day. She watches it too much anyway! Anyway while my sweetheart is still just as funny as ever I am definitely in for a tough year of independence and struggles! If only the irrational fits made more sense but seriously a 30 minute fit because the cup is in the wrong spot? I don't understand!

So that is where I left off from last time! Since this post we have had my open house, celebrated Daddy's 31st birthday with a surprise dinner at the Cabooes (YUMMO!), suprised Nonny for her 53rd birthday, and celebrated CiCi and Pop's birthday!

Carsyn and I headed to Hattiesburg on Mom's birthday to surprise her at lunch with balloons and fudge. The next day daddy came over and met us for our first USM football game of the season. Carsyn enjoyed it TREMENDOUSLY! She danced and cheered all night! She kept saying "I see the drums and the dancers!"

Next we celebrated CiCi and Pop's birthday with a dinner at our home. Carsyn LOVES giving everybody gifts and cards but I know she is just counting down the days until her Dora birthday! I am afraid she might pass out from excitement!

Okay so that catches us up from this blog. I am giving up on starting it over. ! Hopefully I will try to do better with the fun we plan to have in the next few weeks! If only my pictures were on this computer my blogging would go much faster but I HATE HATE HATE uploading pics to blogger so there you go! Sorry for no eye candy I will try harder next time!

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