Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010

Among all of the drama in our household during these holidays I was determined to allow Carsyn to enjoy all of the magic that Christmas entails.

During this month we...

Went to Christmas Tree farm and cut down a tree with daddy.

Got our first elf on the shelf that Carsyn affectionatley named Zoe- although she didn't quite understand the concept of not touching Zoe and that Zoe would tell Santa about her behavior. Maybe next year?

Went to the Pike County Little Theater Christmas musical....where they sang Happy Birthday to Carsyn during Intermission ;)

Drove through the Live Nativity and listened to the story of Jesus birth

Watched Carsyn sing and shake her jingle bells at her school Christmas program

Carsyn enjoyed a Party at school and got WAY TOO much candy!

Listened to the SAME Christmas cd over and over and over and over again for 4 weeks

Went to the Summit Christmas Parade which was super fun and one of her fave friends happened to be beside us to make it more special! Carsyn of course LOVED LOVED the bands!

Went to the Teddy Bear Christmas Tea Party at the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans which was SPECTACULAR and well worth the substantial price tag! This was definitely the highlight of our month aside from her birthday. The Snow Princess stole Carsyn's heart more than Santa himself. Although she did run and jump right in his lap unlike years past and told him she wanted a feeding baby doll!

Drove through the Tylertown Christmas in the Park which was super beautiful! She was in awe and never stopped talking the entire time about the lights.

Made Christmas breakfast and Christmas Eve/Day food together.

Enjoyed time with family.

GOT WAY WAY WAY toooo many presents! Aunt Katie gave C the same baby doll she had asked Santa for so we had a little mishap Christmas morning but all is well now that Walmart let us exchange one of them.

Watching Christmas through a child's eyes is so magical and definitely what our family needed. The back of our Christmas card said "May you enjoy your holidays with a child-like innocence." which I believe was pefect for us this year~

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