Monday, December 6, 2010

We going to the "HAMAS!"

Okay so today is the first day I have been away from my child for more than 4 hours in almost two months!!!! SOOOO the blog posting has been pushed to the back burner! Also my work (YAY!) has been extremly busy not allowing me the time to blog either! And finally my family has been having some very unfortunate luck and my priorities have been directed elsewhere.

BUT ALAS, I must blog about our trip to the Bahamas!

About 6 months ago my father decided he wanted to go to the Bahamas. I am thinking this wild hair was a result of he wanted to cross this off his bucket list! So he booked us (me, danny, carsyn, mom and dad) plane tickets for October. Carsyn at 2 1/2 years old got her first passport (which I have since lost because I lost my purse!)! Luckily it was not lost in the Bahamas!Although my husband on the other hand who would loose his head if it wasn't screwed on did loose his, or so he thought. The day we arrived it had fallen out of his pocket in the taxi and my dad did one last check of the cab to search for anything left behind and saw it!!! Although in the spirit of harrassment he did not tell Danny for several days that he had it!

We stayed HERE. It was beautiful as expected. If you are used to hotels and housekeeping and free breakfast it is something to get used to. We stayed here because the all in clusive resorts were all not child friendly. I thought we would save money by eating in the condo and just walking to our destinations but you can all guess how that went! Hee Hee glad it wasn't my pocketbook for the most part!!! Anyway while our condo was great Nassau is BEYOND expensive! I am talking Hollywood Expensive! So if you go stay in an all inclusive and don't plan to leave in a taxi very often! Everytime we would walk out of the condo Carsyn would say "Go get us a tar....where is our tar!" She LOVED not having to ride in a car seat!

Out Condo was next door to the Atlantis which is just breathtaking and so neat. We ate their often and enjoyed their entertainment at night. Maybe we will stay there again one day...if we win the lottery! Our first evening at dinner the restaurant had a magician walking to each table to occupy you while you waited for dinner. He was GREAT!

The next day we spent laying by the pool and beach. While I LOVE to look at the beach I am not a big fan of walking or sitting on it! And it seems my child is the same way! She would only last about twenty minutes in the sand and then begin to scream! Danny and I rented a jet ski and went a good ways out into the water. We were trying to find Oprah and Tiger Wood's house which was next door to our Condo. One of these people (I can't remember who) has a gas station in the basement of their home!!! The water was so crystal clear out on the jet ski. That night a smoothe talking cabby told us a restaurant to go to so we took his advice. It was actually the best meal I had up to that point. Unless I travel in the South the food is always a disappointment on any trip I have been on.

Our next day was the day I have waited for my entire life...swimming with the dolphins!!!!! I have loved dolphins since I was about 9 years old and I have always wanted to swim with them. Carsyn had been talking about it for months and months although I worried when the time came she would not get in, but she did! We actually had to spend all day at this waterpark because Carsyn and nonny's encounter was in the morning and mine and pappy's was after lunch. Carsyn did great and went alllllllll day without a nap! She didn't even crash on the boat charter back to the condo! Of course we paid the outstanding prices for the photo souveniers. This dolphin sanctuary is where the ORIGINAL Flipper lives! We didn't see him but I swam with his son! And talk about swimming FAST! WOW!

The remainder of the trip was spent again by the pool and beach. Carsyn, Nonny, and I did take a walk in the 110 degree heat to try to find some botanical gardens. Not sure that the pictures were worth the effort! And then it was time to head home!

Carsyn did great on the plane....a regular seasoned traveler! She even napped well! I think she will be a great traveler although this trip did make me want to hold off on Disney until about age 5 so she will #1 not whine quite as much #2 save ALOT of money #3allow her to remember the experience as I am sure other than pictures she won't know she got to hug and kiss a dolphin!

Here are some of mine!/album.php?aid=338815&id=758989936

AND I am waiting on my mother's pics for the dolphin kiss photos!!

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Amy said...

Sounds like great fun! Did you have to have a car seat for her on the plane? We are planning our Disney trip next year and will be flying.