Sunday, December 26, 2010

Carsyn's 3rd Birthday

Planning a December birthday is always so hard every year! First of all I NEVER know what the weather will entail so an outdoor party is always a risk. Second I always feel the need to rush and have my home Christmas decked out before people come through my home. And this year with all that was going on with our parents I knew that was not going to happen. So I started brainstorming of ideas for a 3 year old indoor party NOT at my home! AND in a small town that does not have many party venues this was quite a brainstorm!

I finally came up with the ingenious idea to have a party at Fox's Pizza. I knew they had a seperate room that would be just the right size for several little preschoolers! Since JUNE Carsyn has wanted a Dora party. By the time December rolled around I would say she isn't as wrapped up in Dora as she was earlier in the year but still fond of her. I had seen on Facebook that a lady had a rented Dora for her girls' birthday party so I called her up to find out where I could find Dora. Come to find out it wasn't a person you rented but rather just the costume itself. All I had to do was find someone to wear it and I knew just the right teenager from my church!

Everything came together beautifully and even though our family was in mourning Carsyn's birthday was a hit! She definitely felt special on her day which we know Pop would have loved! I can't say all of the children were crazy about Dora but by the end of the party most of them warmed up to her. We also played pin the backpack on Dora, Dora tatoos for the face, Hokey Pokey lead by Dora herself!

I have to brag on myself that I was very impressed with myself for pulling it off mostly alone since I would normally rely on my mom or mother in law to help me remember lots of things.

Now if we can just wade through all of the presents in my house! *sigh*
December birthdays = yuck! I always say I am going to celebrate her birthday in July one year!

Birthday photo album HERE

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