Friday, August 6, 2010

A trip to the Coast

So for the past several months I have been attempting to get together with a family from Slidell so I could photograph their son who has cerabal palsy. I was notified by this amazing organization (Littliest Hero) that I was chosen as his photographer. Since they are a little distance from me I figured when I went down to my in-law's coast house one weekend that they could meet me their and have a shorter distance to drive. Attempt in June- failed. Attempt in July failed. Both of these not my fault by the way! So then I started looking at my calendar....

Dad gets home July 28th- Carsyn wants to go on Dad's boat- Mom goes back to school on Aug 2nd- I have no available weekends again until Sep. So I realized that this past weekend was the only weekend that I could go to the Coast, see my dad before he leaves for work again, let Carsyn ride on his boat, and hopefully meet this family I have been trying to photograph!

Then after I had confirmed the plans with Dad and Slidell family I asked the Smith's if they wanted to join us to ride on my dad's boat. The more the merrier, right?

THEN by happenstance a couple in Hattiesburg called me to come photograph their engagement photos but they wanted to do them in Hattiesburg. So timing was perfect and Carsyn and I left on Friday ( a day earlier than everyone) and headed to the "burg."

Also on this Friday my mom and aunts were closing on the sale of my grandmother's home (their childhood home and the place I have spent every Christmas since I was born except for the year Carsyn was born.) So we made a detour in Columbia to take some final pics and say goodbye. For some odd reason my chld decided to awake at 4AM this morning and never went back to sleep so you can imagine the disposition she was in!

Okay so stay with me I know I am jetting in several directions.....

So we continued on to Hattiesburg and after a massive couple of meltdowns in Target I headed to my mom's apartment for our 2nd nap of the day! After awaking we were both in better moods! Then it was onto my photoshoot which was in Canebrake so not only were the people beautiful but the scenery was as well!

Saturday morning we woke up to head to Gulfport with my mom to visit Lynn Meadows Discovery Center. I have been taking Carsyn to children's museums for several years but she just now finally understands the concept of play and pretend so she enjoyed it immensly! And I have to say Lynn Meadows was one of the best I have ever seen! Better than Mobile and Memphis!

Afterwards we met my BFF from college Ashley for lunch. Then I headed to her new house to see her expecting baby's nursery! I can't wait to meet Miss Ava Kathryn and take her sweet newborn photos! After awaking from her nap Carsyn and I headed to meet Pappy at the Coast house so he could watch her while I FINALLY met my Slidell family!

I was a little apprehensive about photographing the boy in this dreadful heat but he was a good sport and we were under the giant oaks of St. Stanislaus campus so we actually were probably a good 10-15 degrees cooler! My dad attended this school and while I was photographing I kept envisioning his skinny young self runnning up and down the stairwell I was using as a prop! It was a very inspiring and enjoyable shoot and reminded me the real reason I am passionate for photography. This young man was never supposed to walk or talk but at age 14 he has proved them wrong on so many levels!

Once Danny and the Smith's arrived we all went to dinner and then back to the house to crash! The next morning it was up early to go water skiiing and tubing on the Jourdan River. Yes Carsyn went on the tube with Danny and she loved it. She was in complete awe the entire time we were out! She didn't say more than 5 words she was just taking it all in! My little observer! After a couple of hours in the water we had all had enough! This heat is INSANE! And I was quickly reminded while on the water skis that my body is definitely not as it used to be!

After lunch at Uncle Perry's we headed back to the house for naps. Later that night we returned to Mccomb! A very funfilled and memorable weekend was had by all!

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