Thursday, September 2, 2010

We love Trey Trey!

Well Well Well what a week last week was! Im still working on taking it all in.

The first event that occured Tuesday was that Carsyn attended her new preschool at Southwest CC. As I mentioned previously she is attending two seperate places. Her other school does not begin until after Labor Day. There are only like 4 or 5 students in her class so it was not very intimidating and she walked right in and started playing with her buddy Mary Lindsey!

My dad came in to town to visit for lunch that day so she got to be picked up by Pappi on her first day! She told me it was fun "I play with babies and paint!" "But I wanted Blue cause its my favorite but Hayes had blue!" (insert pouty face here) ha ha!

The next day on Wednesday we usually have a low key morning. It was a beautiful morning and the temperature was awesome compared to what we have had the past month. I was sitting on the back porch eating my breakfast reading a magazine while Carsyn was playing with her babies in the kitchen.

Let me first tell you about a stray we have been calling Lady that has been around for about a month. At first I tried to help the dog because she is a sweet dog but then she became too much of a nuisance- barking at all hours, digging up my yard, etc. So after going out of town one weekend she took up residence at a neighbor's house. She would still come here from time to time but mainly stayed at the other house. I had been meaning to take her to the animal shelter but I just had not gotten around to it. Well earlier this week the neighbor children informed me she was in heat (mind you they are like max 8 yrs old so how they knew this is beyond me).

Enter Wed morning. Another neighbor has a german shepherd on a chain attached to a tree in the yard behind us. Neither of our yards are fenced in. I noticed the GS had gotten off his chain and was galavanting about with Lady. Trey was sitting under my feet and heard them so of course he took off to tell them to get off his property. Too much spunk for such a little animal! I screamed for him to stop which he normally does but not this time- not sure why. So then the GS proceeded to attack Trey. I had gotten to both of them by this time and I began to fight with the GS pulling him up by his back neck skin off of Trey. It all happened so quickly and was such a blur. After I got him off Trey long enough for Trey to run in the house I realized how lucky I was to have not gotten biten myself. I just reacted to save my pet. I ran inside to check on Carsyn and she obliviously was still standing by the door. My blood curdling screams had not even jostled her! I rinsed Trey and myself off as we were covered in grass. I looked for any gashes and cuts but I didn't see any on Trey. I went to the neighbors house to see if she was home and she was. I informed her her dog had attacked mine and was running loose. She was very apologetic but at the time I did not know the extent of Trey's injuries.

After returning home I noticed he was in a heap on the floor and when I petted his stomach he yelped. So I grabbed Carsyn put her in the car and ran to the Vet which is luckily right next door- literally. Once we arrived I could see his ribs were broken. Long story short from here- he had two hernias that were repaired and two broken ribs. Once again Carsyn was oblivious to the situation she just kept saying "you cry? You sad? I love you!" The surgery was very intense and we were not sure if he would survive the operation, but he made it and is now home.

I can't even imagine the fear and trauma I would feel if something like this happened to my child because having it happen to my pet and witness it has caused much distress on me. The day of the attack I was in a fog all day. When I tried to take a nap I couldn't because the vision of the attack would play over in my head except this time more worse outcomes would occur.

I am in a conundrum because I do not think this animal is necessarily a mean natured animal, rather just reacted due to Lady being in heat, but still I can't have him in the yard behind where my child plays. Also what kind of life is it for a GS to live chained to a tree ALL THE TIME! Today it has rained for atleast 9 hours and he has been in it the entire time howling away! I hate to make someone get rid of their pet but what do I do?

The first day Trey was quite pitiful but today he has had some of his regular personality return and he has attempted to do some of his normal follow me around everywhere. Much like a child he has wanted me to hold him often. This has created quite an eye-opener for how life would be like with 2 babies because Carsyn has not been a fan of sharing me. She actually has had TWO meltdowns because I was either tending to the dog or he was in my lap! She did quickly get over it but the foreshadowing is there! She does love her pet though and I know she is happy he is home as we all are!

Carsyn's work of art her first week of school! That is Trey on the doll figure.

with her buddy Mary Lindsey

Glad Trey Trey is home!

"Thank you for saving me momma!"

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Amanda Jones said...

Aw man...that's heartbreaking!! I'm glad he is okay!