Thursday, March 5, 2009

How Carsyn's brain works....

Who knew that your baby could make you laugh and be tearful in the same moment?

Carsyn is definitely leaving her infancy behind and treking on to toddlerdome with full force.

Here are some examples of her becoming a big girl! They make me laugh and then tearful as I reflect on how fast she is growing.
#1 Highchair- She no longer will sit in the highchair with her tray attached. She now has to sit all the way up to the big table to eat!

#2 Reading- I was preparing dinner but she wanted my attention. I told her to go to her room and get a book. She returned with one of her fave alphabet books. I told her to find a Cat...she pointed to the Kitten under the "k" section - close enough right? Then I told her to find a ball...she turned to the "f" section and pointed to a flower. I said that is a flower she proceeded to pick the book up and put it to her nose sniffing the book to smell the flower! HA!

#3 Shoes- While searching for her some new spring shoes I had to go to the toddler section instead of the infant section! :( It was sad. Carsyn LOVES shoes, however, she couldn't quite understand why she could see her toes when she had sandals on. I guess this will take some practice.

#4 The tug-of-war between wills gets tougher everyday. She is very strongwilled! No is starting to have less of an effect. Guess who's will is stronger- hers or mine!?
#5 Carsyn shows more emotions now and will cuddle and give out kisses. They are the best! She hands out mouth open wide baby kisses to all relatives who beg for them.
#6 While reading some flashcards the other day it showed a puppy who was smiling. It said CHEESE under the dog (which I hate Cheese as a photographer btw) when I read the word CHEESE it made her run like a madman to the fridge to get a piece of CHEESE! HA!
#7 Even though she is not a baby anymore she has developed a rekindled love for her beloved bouncy seat that she used to practically live in. (BEST baby gift ever!) She will crawl in it with her cup and babies/cow and just lay there. She also will put all of her toys in itand rock them,

#8 If there is a tissue in sight she is grabbing for it "blowing" her nose. Guess we got a lot of practice this winter!
#9 Carsyn loves to look in the mirror- I caught her looking at her reflection in our car bumper the other day just staring and making faces!

#10 When she is ready for nap she will get Mr. Cow and her cup of milk and run to her room to pick out her book.
That girl she makes me smile, cry, and pull my hair out all in the same 5 minutes! But she is so darn cute!

playing with left over Mardi Gras beads
Relaxin in Bouncy

Big girl eating at table with fork


Lawren said...

Oh my! She is getting sooo grown up!

Lawren said...

I love the new banner!! How cute!