Monday, March 16, 2009

What Parenthood is really like...

Soooo we headed to Hattiesburg for Carsyn to spend time with Nonny(my mom), me to shop, and take engagement pictures. The way over was pretty much picture perfect. She slept for the first 40 minutes and read her book for the last 30 minutes in addition to snacking on whatever I could hand her to keep her occupied. She didn't let out the first whine until we pulled into the parking lot of Target AKA: shopper's delight! Oh how I have missed my Target. Carsyn was a great baby while I shopped and then Nonny arrived to entertain her the remainder of the time. Of course I had intentions of shopping for me some new spring clothes, but Carsyn's clothes just look so much better on her than clothes do on me that the buggy just seemed to steer its way to her department.
Mom- 1 pair of shorts
Carsyn- 1 dress, 2 pair of shorts, 2 shirts, 1 pair of shoes, 1 pair of socks, and 1 Easter hat!

So then off to Old Navy- I didn't even allow myself to go into her department much to the sales tactics of my mother "Oh but there is the cutest dress..yadda yadda" I scored a few more items but still nothing too exciting.

Next to eat lunch with Aunt Jane and Cousin Megan. Such a ham my little girl is! She put on a show the entire time. I tell you she really is getting too big for her britches! She thinks she is like 3 or something! Remembe how I said she doesn't want to sit with the tray on her highchair? Well now she thinks she can sit at the table in a regular chair by herself!

So off to naptown Carsyn and Nonny went while I ran to a few more stores baby-free. When I got back to Nonny's Carsyn was still asleep! I should have figured something was up! I left with Megan to photograph her engagment pictures in the rain in dowtown Hattiesbug. You would be surprised how good pics can look in the rain! See

When we got back past Carsyn's bedtime we still had to eat dinner! So we went to Hibachi/sushi! YUM! It took Carsyn a while to get to bed and I was pretty sure we would have a rough night as she sleeps even less away from home than she does at home if that is even at all possible. So yep every 2 hrs she awoke, however, atleast this trip when she cried out I just shushed her back to sleep from my bed and I didn't have to physically get up and hold her. Definitely progress. Maybe by the time she is 2 she will be able to sleep away from home?!

So the next morning (feeling QUITE drained mind you!) we laid around and ate and did pretty much nothing. At 1PM I was packing up my bags as I was supposed to leave Carsyn with my mom so I could get an actual good night's rest. I really have been feeling the fatigue lately and I just feel like a slug! Anyway we had noticed Carsyn grab her ears and Yell a few times but she had no fever. Before I left her I wanted to make sure she didn't have an ear infection. Something just told me she did. I of course had reservations leaving her anyway since I knew she wouldn't sleep but I was trying to convince myself I needed to. We headed over to the Immediate Care clinic and sure enough double ear infections! Her first! Although you wouldn't know it because she has been fine ever since just sleeping abnormally much. I of course wasn't going to leave her sick so I made my mom pack her bags to come with me so I could still get some rest and Carsyn would get a good night's sleep.Apparently this little girl does not want me to ever leave her (recall girl's trip to Mobile!).

So that is how our weekend ended! Carsyn has been taking pretty long naps but other than that she seems fine. Hopefully the rain is leaving and the rest of our week will be full of sunshine and happy times!

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