Monday, March 2, 2009

And we're back in the green...

I know you have all been on pins and needles wanting to know how the rest of our week has been?! Right?!

Well when I picked Carsyn up from Mom's Morning Out she was having a ball and was still going like the Energizer bunny she is. She made it home without falling asleep. I couldn't get her to eat lunch (she ended up not eating hardly a single meal the entire week!) and then went down at 12 for a nap. Only to be woken up 20 minutes later thanks to a MR. Poopy diaper! UGH I HATE when that happens! AND never went back to sleep! I tried ever so much!

Friday the SAME thing happened when she went to go down for a 2nd nap! So naps were not good Thursday and Friday but she was still pretty happy and upbeat.
The weather was so wonderful these 2 days that we spent pretty much our entire time out on the deck. My next door neighbor is a SAHM with a 4 month old and she was soaking up the warm weather too so we had company most of the time. Since we spend so much time in their yard Carsyn now thinks it is hers and she can go over whenever she pleases! I turned away for one minute on Friday and she had taken off to their yard and by the time I caught up with her she was trying to open their front door! I was not a happy momma! Good thing Lyndsey doesn't seem to mind that my child, cat, and dog all think her house and yard belong to them as well!
Friday night we had a family friend over to watch Carsyn while Danny and I ran over to eat by ourselves at Ruby Tuesday. I was super excited about Saturday because my dad was in from work and was coming for a visit and my best friend from high school and her little boy were coming to play. Even though Carsyn wasn't in the greatest mood due to a not great night of sleep, they still got to hang out. Even had a bath together...*gasp* her first co-ed bath! It is so funny how similar babies are. Carsyn and Wyatt seem to make the same noises and expressions when they want/need something. She even had to share her crib with him! Luckily they were on alternating nap schedules. Sunday was a relaxing day with daddy home from work! He spent a large part of his day with her so I got a little break. And we introduced the new member of our family, Roger, to the other pets. See....

Roger the Bunny Rabbit
Carsyn and Daddy after church

You should have seen me trying to hold him and get his cage ready. It reminded me of the Paris Hilton show when she had to go work in the country! HA HA! Roger will be assisting me during my Easter portraits next month. He is very laid back and seems to be content to just sit on the back porch!

We concluded our weekend with the Smith's plus Aunt Evelyn coming over for some burgers. It was a splendid and relaxed time.
Carsyn and I are off to storytime....enjoy our pics
below.... Sweet baby Madelyn smiling for us!

Carsyn's curls were gorgeous with the extra humidity! :)

Stopping to smell the Camilias Mr. Cow in tow

Carsyn and Wyatt get a bath..looks like she is saying "What is that BOY doing in my tub!"

BTW the tooth still has not made an appearance but it definitely is on its way...two I believe.


Angela said...

Great pics! Can't wait for Amelia to meet that bunny!

Lyndsay said...

I forgot you took that pic! Awww my sweet baby!

I am so jealous of Carsyn's curls! I'm about to start putting Rogaine in Maddy's hair! GROW GROW GROW!